"Joining the Delson Military is completely just so happens that 3/4 of the populous volunteer at some point in their lives." - a Delson Turnitor (about he same as a 4-Star General)

The Delson Military is divided into 6 separate divisions: Army, Maritime Navy, Defense Navy, Marine Corp, Airforce, and PsyCorp. Although it is standard for Delsons to only belong to 1 branch, Krilek Sol I Dor, for example, is a member of 4: Defense Navy (as Krilek), Marine Corp (as Marquis), and Airforce (as Corvus), in addition to being a Psykeeper in the PsyCorp.

Delson Honor CodeEdit

Many aspects of the Delson Honor Code reflect Chivalry from Earth. However, due to the fact that Chivalry came before the modern Delson attitude, it is highly likely that the Honor Code was based on Chivalry rather than the other way around.

  • 1: Protect those that cannot protect themselves
  • 2: Brotherhood is paramount
  • 3: Always continue to a goal, unless it threatens the life of a comrade
  • 4: Generosity has its own rewards

<More to come>

Delson ArmyEdit


  • Korilo (Equivalent to 1-Star General)
  • Turnitor (Equivalent to 4-Star General)

Delson Maritime NavyEdit


Delson Defense (Interstellar Navy)Edit


  • Julnil (Equivalent to a Lieutenant)
  • Pel-Krilek (2nd in Command to an Admiral)
  • Krilek (Equivalent to an Admiral)

Delson Marine CorpEdit


  • Lur-Marquis (Equivalent to a Marine Major)
  • Marquis (Equivalent to a Marine Lieutenant Colonel)

Delson AirforceEdit


  • Corvus (Equivalent to a Major)

Delson PsyCorpEdit


  • Psionicist (General Psychic)
  • Psycholith (Psionicist Squad Leader)
  • Psykeeper (Psionicist Operations Director)
  • Psionik (Psionicist Multi-Squad Director)
  • Elder (2nd in Command for High Elder)
  • High Elder (Leader of the PsyCorp)

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