Democratic Systems Republic
The emblem of the DSR
Location Antedus Sector, Triangulum Galaxy
Size >6,500 systems
Kardashev class 2.02
Founded {{{founded}}}
Status Expanding/conquering
Capital Daiva
Official language Miyn
Demonym Desser (colloquial)
Population >10 trillion
Species Sanskra, Ivsarka, others
Government Communist State
Current leader(s) General Secretary
The Democratic Systems Republic (abbreviated DSR) is a multi-species faction following a communist political doctrine. It is located in the Antedus Sector of the Triangulum Galaxy.


In the DSR, all industry, military power, public service and enterprise is controlled by the state, and directed by the Party. However, in practice the citizens are powerless and the Party acts mainly to further its own goals.


Over 6,500 systems comprise the DSR. The population of all these worlds has been estimated as surpassing 10 trillion, of which seven trillion are Sanskra, two and a half trillion are Ivsarka, and the remainder are other assimilated societies and puppet states.

Notable SystemsEdit

Systems in the DSR that are notable.


The DSR attempts to suppress local traditions and to produce a homogenous culture of fear and respect for the party, hatred of other political systems, and self-sacrifice to further the communist cause.


Most languages have been suppressed under DSR rule, with the government-approved language being Comda. This language was specifically designed by the party.


As a communist state, the DSR has banned free enterprise and the private sector is non-existent. Goods are distributed as the party sees fit and industry has quotas decided by the party to reach.


A Kardashev Class II civilisation, the DSR is highly advanced. It has constructed two Dyson rings and two more are under construction.

It has constructed +2D shift-drives, but most spaceships are not equipped with these. Instead, large torchships with such drives travel from system to system and other spaceships attach themselves for the journey.


Main article: Glorious People's Liberation Navy

The DSR maintains a proportionately large military, enabled through its use of conscription for all individuals not required for industry, research, and other important fields.

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