General information
Status endangered
Homeworld unknown
Type primate-avian
Symmetry bilateral
Diet omnivorous
Lifespan indefinite
Other distinctions Heavily modified genetically

Demons were once a powerful civilization originally from the Gehenna Galaxy having since taken refuge in the dimension known as Brunikor. With the destruction of Brunikor, less than 10,000 Demons remain.

"Demon" is a name given to their physical appearance, described by ancient accounts as horrific. Technically, only the lower class Demons are referred to as such, while the upper-class are ironically called Angels.


The Demons' original appearance consisted of a vaguely humanoid creature with four, feathery wings, two fleshy legs and a flattened face. Such traits allowed them to adapt to their original homeworld which had a highly dense atmosphere.

Since the advent of genetic engineering, demons now vary greatly when it comes to physiology. Large amount of inter-species breeding which came with merging cultures and the advent of "designer-spawn" which allowed parents to greatly change appearances and DNA structure of their children.


High-End EconomyEdit

Famous UniquesEdit


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