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Dezla was a Yaunthar, he led the last liberalist fleet in an attempt to take over Aerszonic for the control over the main server.


Dezla had the same appearance as every Yaunthar aside that he changed the colours of his armor to distinguish himselves from the conservatist troops. His armour was coloured black instead of white and the cyan lights were coloured red. He regularely wore a grey cloak when walking around in his ship.


Dezla had a great strategical mind and could win a battle evn if the odds were against him. In combat he excelled in long range fire.


Dezla was greatly admired by his troops as he always tried to minimize casualties and never wanted to leave his troops behind. This changed after the liberalists began to lose the war and he wanted to rush everything to complete his objectives. He was aware of many of the liberalist plans and was often chosen for missions of great importance.

Dezla always tried to succeed his missions but the lack of resources and troops in the last months of the civil war kept him from achieving many of his objectives.


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