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The Children of the Dhragolon were a historical Vaikan faction that was contemporary to the Ramusian Socialist Republic.

The Children of the Dhragolon were a nation of worshipers of a mythical race of winged dragon-angels said to have powers beyond any known mortals. These angels, known as Dhragolon, were creatures dedicated to the destruction of evil. The Children themselves believed themselves to be the Chosen Ones and were destined to carry out their will.

The fall of the RSR created many sovereign megacorporations that outcompeted the Children of the Dhragolon causing them to fall into disarray.


The Children of the Dhragolon had a rigid law system based heavily on their own religion. Breaking the law would be considered an act of evil. Depending on the severity, the offender would either be put through a torturous confession session or simply executed. The High Priest of the Dhragolon ruled through fear, scaring others into following this belief system.

The High Priest ruled through divine right and was said to be the avatar of the Dhragolon.


Their religion highly revolved around the belief that there were only two forces in the world: good and evil. Every individual was designated either good or evil and could not be both.

It was prophesized that one day, all evil in the universe would be eliminated, leaving only the pure, innocent and good.

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