Dimonroff is a secret facility owned by the Special Division of Experimental Technology, a Karalian Empire organization which studies new and alien technology. Unlike the facility on Thaloss, Dimonroff's existence is top secret. It is highly classified, and some simply pass it off as an amateur conspiracy theory. It is a space station orbiting VY Canis Majoris, an enormous red giant star surrounded in a thick nebula.

To keep its location secret from anyone who happens to stumble upon the station, espionage units consisting of individuals known as "Phantoms" deny the existence of the station to said individual. Using their mind tricks, a Phantom can erase and alter memories of individuals who happen to see Dimonroff.


Dimonroff orbits its star at 5 AU. The nebula makes it incredibly difficult to navigate along with the enormous gravity wells of the star. Not to mention, the star ejects wild flares that stretch well beyond the star itself. As a result, most believe that Dimonroff cannot actually exist. However, as the facilities of Dimonroff perform research on illegal technology, it is understandable that the facility is equipped with technology not commonly seen throughout the DFM.

To maintain stability, Dimonroff is shrouded in a large telekinetic forcefield that keeps its orbit stable as well to divert flares away. The station is also completely self sufficient. Solar panels collect energy from the star and mechs regularly collect minerals from dust and small planetoids.

While Dimonroff has no windows, viewed from the outside, one will see VY Canis Majoris dominate half the sky, while a thick red nebula dominants the other side along with several small planetoids.


In Dimonroff, highly classified research is undertaken. Many of these projects have questionable ethical values, but these are meant to be last resort tools.

  • Project: Killswitch- A massive superweapon in production that when ignited, a gas cloud will release itself. When a sapient creature inhales it, they will become berserk and attack anything in sight.
  • Project: Himinngarde - The Karalian Empire is studying the remains of Omni warp drives as well as salvaged Karnasaur technology in order to learn how to open wormholes to other universes to gather more resources.
  • Project: Philos - An effort to create a perfectly sentient artificial intelligence. The end product was a specialized infiltration unit known as SANARI.
  • Project: Onbegrensd - A project specifically about a high tech form of alchemy to create noble gases using radioactive decay. Should this technology ever make it outside of Dimonroff, the DFM could have unlimited amounts of energy.


If Dimonroff actually exists, it would be illegal. Many of Dimonroff's research projects have questionable ethics, but the secrecy is done in an attempt to explore possibilities and new sciences without the interferences of politicians.

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