Spectral type F2, now a Neutron star
Age 8.2 billion years (now a neutron star)
Size 30 Sol masses (originally), now 0.5 Sol masses
Surface temperature 400,000 K (originally), now unknown
Diameter N/A
Stars 1
Planets Originally >500, now 0
Moons Originally >2 million, now 0
Cluster Dirpion Nebula
Region or Arm Sanhul Arm
Galaxy Andromeda Galaxy
Faction Formerly Achrisian Technocracy

Now Federated Commonwealth of the Milurian Nation

Dirpion-104 is a neutron star at the centre of the Dirpion Nebula, whose material originated from the star when it went hypernova. It was originally one of the largest long-lasting stars known to all. It was meant to run out of hydrogen in a few million years, being even larger than VY Canis Majoris, making it one of the largest stars known in the Local Group, and the largest star in the Andromeda Galaxy, before it went hypernova.

However, because of Achrisian intervention, Dirpion-104 was able to last for many billions of more years as they had built a ring which collected elements such as helium and carbon from the star's core, broke it back down into hydrogen and transported it back to the core. Thus, Dirpion-104 lasted far longer than its natural lifetime.


Interference from the AchrisiansEdit

Main article: Dirpion Star Ring

The Achrisians of the planet Achris quickly became aware that their home star was unstable. Because they developed advanced technology at an awesome rate, they managed to create a tool to stabilise their star before it became too unstable: the Star Ring.

It elongated the star's lifespan and allowed the Achrisians to develop further. However, an attack from the Estin disrupted the thruster system, causing the ring to slow down and eventually stop revolving. Because the ring needed to be in constant motion to perform its functions, Dirpion rapidly became unstable once again. This caused the Star Ring to break up and get physically destroyed by the star.


Dirpion-104 no longer has any planets, as they were all destroyed by the star's hypernova. However, before this happened, it had well over 500 planets, although most were gas giants.

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