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Average shoulder height


Average Lifespan

50 Earth years


Centauriforme gait, very fast.

The Djeri are a race of sapient beings annexed by the Sethaleya Suzerainty. Their homeworld is Hatshem.


Djeri are centauriforme creatures, with four long running legs and two muscular arms. The body curves upwards anterior to the front hips at a nearly ninety-degree angle. They are not large creatures, typically standing 1.2m tall at the shoulder and 1.7m long. They have stubby tails, used more for communicating mood than for balance.

Their heads are structured with a mouth which bites horizontally rather than vertically like a Human's. Their teeth are only of one type, which have one shearing and one crushing edge, and can grow back any number of times while the animal remains alive. The brain is of reasonable size and protected within a deep layer of fluid within the box-like skull.

Djeri have four eyes. Two face forwards and have both rod and cone cells, but the other two have atrophied greatly and only detect light conditions, sitting on the tops of their heads. They have a number of whiskers hanging from the side of the head.

They are well known for their wiry strength and quick bursts of great speed, reaching up to 89 km/h over 100m and able to hold 45 km/h for 6 km.


Much of the original Djeri culture has been diluted with new ideas from the Suzerainty. Very little of their old traditions remain- one of the few is the annual racing competitions.

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