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The symbol for the Alliance symbolizes its endless link to eachother and its complex internal structure. The complex design was actually a picture of a nebula made out of a silk like worm from the Dradic Homeworld.

The Dradic Alliance (Also known as the Dradic, The Alliance, The Dradic Empire, and The Akisha Alliance) was founded in Terran Year 1, Month 12, Day 25 (Supposedly on the same day as the Terran God, Jesus Christ) with the Signing of the White-Blue Treaty between the Drado Republic, and the Binsec Empire, thus begining what is called the First Age, or the Age of The Wolf. This treaty lead to a fast imperialistic growth spreading far across their sector of the galaxy. Many Political Commentators such as, Kil Strec, Rel Stri, Frelstar, and B'Li Twa, all have made an analogy to the Alliance with that of a master and it's dog. The Drado Empire using it's superior scientific prowess to equip Binsec soliders with incredible weaponry in exchange for both protection and large amounts of territory and also vast tributes by foreign, conqueored worlds.

The Age of The Wolf went on for nearly 1,800 Terran years until Terran year 1776, month 7, day 4, when the Drado Grand Council and the Binsec Monarchy found that the struggle to expand their borders so quickly and defend from internal revolution became to stressful on their economy, leading to a pull back of troops to police conqeuored worlds. This began the Second Age, or the Age of The Father. This age was often described as such, by many political figures to be a 'time of transition between conqueored, and friend for other worlds'.

No signifigant events happened during this age, excluding very many treaties, allowing conqueored empires to gain citizenship into the alliance, but they gained no power over laws made by the Alliance. Some empires tried for a Second War with the Alliance. None succeeded. The Alliance at this point controlled half of the Tadpole Galaxy, being registered as a Type III Civiliztion.


F0012788-Binary star system-SPL

The Surface of T'Lar. On the Steel coated beach of the Drelcan peninsula.


The Binsec Homeworld. The Moon is the main inhabitation of the Populstion with the Gas Gaint being used as a mining planet to gather rare gasses that can be used to power advanced Alliance Spacedrives


How the center of the Dradic Nexus appears if approached from outside the Nexus. The waves are radiation caused by energy distorted along with the space to make for instant travel between fixed points.

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