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The Drahoni Library Database is a Drahoni information sharing network. It contains the ancestral records and all knowledge of the Drahoni civilization. Certain mature Drahoni are able to connect to the DLD anywhere through the use of their Soul of Recognition, regardless of distance.


The DLD was created during the First Drahoni Colonial War to serve as an information network for the Drahoni Wirsdakh Kingdom's troops, they transfered tactical information to their superiors with this network.


Only certain high ranking invidividuals can acces the DLD. Those that have acces use their Soul of Recognition. Examples of those who gain acces:

  • Industrial engineers
  • Doctors
  • Scientists
  • Xenobiologists
  • Secret Service agents
  • Military officers
  • Celebrities
  • Drahoni diplomats
  • Members of the Royal family

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