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The Drahoni language, called the 'Drahuun', consists out of 3 important branches. You have the 'Common Drahuun' and the 2 dialects Nezebhor and Aelthers.

Common DrahuunEdit

The common Drahuun is the most spoken language (about 73% speak it), it consists of the 3 main spoken languages in their medieval ages. This language is easily translatable and is meant to speak in public.


The Nezebhor dialect is spoken by 24% of the Drahoni population. This dialect mostly looks like the Common Drahuun but due to the lack of the pronunciation of a "g", which is shown with a " ' ", it is very different. Due to the lack of a usable " ' " in sentences, words like "You're" are changed by "You are", the Nezebhor tongues (people who speak this language) are therefore forced to speak their sentences in long forms.


The Aelthers dialect is spoken by 3% of the Drahoni population. This dialect is difficult to learn and due to military purposes has never been translated, it consists of grunts, hisses, roars and 'hollow speaking'. This hollow speaking is talking while breathing in, the voice is heavily distorted and enables them to pronounce words they cannot speak through the conventional way.

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