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Drakenos from space





Distance from star

1.23 AU

Surface gravity


Axial tilt


Day length

36.9 hours

Year length

457 standard days


97% nitrogen, 1.8% oxygen, 0.1% argon, other gases

Drakenos is a super-earth orbiting the star Salmandra in the Illias Sector of the Triangulum Galaxy.


This planet orbits at a distance of 1.23AUs from its star. It is a rocky terrestrial planet.


As it has a mass of just over four Earth masses and a diameter of 18,500 km, the planet's density is over 1.3 times that of Earth. It has a surface gravity of 1.9g.


Taking 457 standard days to orbit its sun, Drakenos has an axial tilt of 1.9 degrees and a long day of 36.9 hours, stabilised by its moon.


Drakenos' crust consists of 45% oxygen, 23% silicon, 10% iron, 8% aluminium, 4% titanium, 3% calcium, 3% magnesium, and the remainder other elements.


9% of the surface of Drakenos is covered by water. It has no ice caps and a mean surface temperature of 41 degrees centigrade.


The atmospheric composition of this planet is 92% nitrogen, 7.8% oxygen, 0.1% argon, and the remainder other gases including a significant amount of carbon dioxide. The pressure at sea level is 11 bars.


Drakenos has a large moon, Pyvaros, which orbits at 460,000 km.


The majority of the surface of Drakenos is only habitable to microbes in the long term. However, the seas and their surrounding forests are home to animal and complex plant life.


The Incendyn have constructed several large cities on the planet's surface, mining the crust for water and resources, with space fountains constructed nearby for easy orbital transfer.

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