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The Drakons are a spacefaring race of sapients native to the Triangulum Galaxy. They originated on the planet of Szenaria. Two prominent factions that exist today (and are pitted against each other) are the Republic of the Wheel and the Drakon Pinnacle.


Drakons are a reptilian-esque species, measuring over two meters tall. They possess four thin, elongated limbs and are bipedal. Hands and feet are tipped with long, clawed digits. A Drakon's tail is equally long, and has a feathery texture.

The head is rather short, but with a large jaw. The eyes face forward in order to permit binocular vision. Most noticeably, a large, colorful crest of feathers runs along the back of the head and onto the back.


Drakons are omnivorous, and love eating. Fanciful cuisine is highly valued in established societies.


Drakons have a friendly but rather egocentric mindset. They will negotiate and cooperate for other races, but ultimately for their own benefit.

They maintain hundreds of colony worlds, although their home planet Szenaria is most beloved by those who live there. Cultural differences can vary widely between colonies. On the newest colonies, culture is usally more practically designed and often military-led. On older, established worlds, individual pleasure is more important.




The first records of Drakon activity date to about 15,000 years ago. Ancient artifacts clearly reveal their fascination with precious stones and metals was present even at an early age in their history. Civilization was rather modest at this time.

However, approximately 8000 years before the present day, there are relics of a relatively large society, spanning the length of the continent Nodelan. Only ruins of immense buildings exist today, and have been mostly forgotten by the rest of the Drakons.

About 1000 years ago, the Republic of the Wheel first stepped into space and soon began to colonize their moon, Claachi. Since then they have spread all across the galaxy and met many other sapient species, including the faction of the Drakon Pinnacle, whose origins remain a mystery to this day.

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