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Drakon Pinnacle
Drakon Pinnacle flag
Flag of the Pinnacle


Triangulum Galaxy


220 star systems




90 billion + (across all colonies)



Current Leader

Leyaw Cherreg





The Drakon Pinnacle (also known as the Pinnacle for short) is an interstellar Drakon faction.


The Pinnacle is a monarchy, with the seat of power being passed down along generations of a single family line, the Cherregs.


The Pinnacle believes they are the true Drakon empire and will waste no effort in eliminating all the other factions. As a rule, they also entitle themselves to wage war upon any other species that impinges on their goals. (Races and individuals who do not fall into these categories are regarded and generally ignored or tolerated.)

They are a faction based heavily on practicality. Things such as jewelry, the arts, and entertainment are discouraged as they are believed to achieve nothing for the Pinnacle and are otherwise wasteful.

Nearly all citizens are enlisted within the military, and those who are not take up jobs that benefit the military (i.e. stationed cook, doctor etc.)


All individuals speak Tlaxxi, a language derived from their early history.


To this day the current government has issued no formal statement concerning religion. As a result, there are no laws or rules attached to the concept. That said, there is hardly any concept of religion that exists today, although there was in the past.


Pinnacle currency is a system based on chips and coins. They have no desire to trade with other races.


The Pinnacle has independently developed a form of FTL technology that is superficially similar to that of the Wheel. However, there are plenty of important differences.

Weaponry, both hand-operated and ship-mounted, is mass-produced on Pinnacle colonies. They are then distributed to nearby troops for use in war.


Simply put, the Pinnacle is one gigantic army. Colony planets are used as barracks, although most individuals spend the rest of their lives after training aboard warships. Fighter, sniper, and stealth pods are some of the many smaller ships.


Nothing is known about Pinnacle history until the Wheel encountered them mysteriously in space, having had no contact with them previously. War immediately followed.

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