Dromed is the main deity of Estin religions. (S)He is said to have near omnipotent powers with an omniscient mind and has lived since before the beginning of not just the universe, but the omniverse in all of its majesty.

It is said by the more practical believers that Dromed inhabits an outer dimension of space: the seventeenth dimension is usually said to be the place. It is a place that affects all of the dimensions below and the laws of physics are so strange that no being on any lower dimension could even begin to understand it.

Appearance in ReligionEdit

Dromed is often said to appear in the primordial form of a large cube. Dromed can shapeshift into any form at mere whim but when relaxed he takes his most natural form, which appears to others as a glowing golden coloured cube that can float in the air without resting down on anything.

Dromed has no gender either, so pronouns in old scriptures go back and forth from the words of "him" and "her" and "he" and "she". More recent scriptures simply go out of their way not to mention gender, referring to "Dromed" and "they" and "them".


Dromed has many abilities, being near omnipotent, and his powers are said to be so great that the mere mention of her name or sighting can uplift the most barbaric of civilisations and let them onto the correct path that (s)he has in store.




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