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"There is nothing more enjoyable than breaking one's mind, little by little it decays under my willpower. And when the process is done, it will be nothing but an empthy husk, ready for my essence to enter it, corrupt it, command it..."

Drura is the only known Apex Drura in existance, he is an insane abomination that wants nothing but to corrupt and destroy those around him. He is currently held captive by the Exonoma in the gargantuan space station Blackstar for scientific purposes. It is feared they might use this as a weapon one day.


Much of Drura's history is unknown, at one point he rose in power in his species's empire. This power solwly began to corrupt him causing to grow twisted and hostile to all living beings.


As mentioned before, Drura is set on corrupting all living things and would stop for nothing to do so.


Drura is a 3m ghastly shape with 4 arms and 8 red, eerie eyes.


  • Drura is in possession of an artifact known as the Veil of Theyri, making him immune to physical attacks.
  • Drura is an Avatar of Theyri, he was once nothing but a serial killer in his species's empire. When Theyri proposed a deal to him he gladly accepted and caused the downfall of his own race as he killed every single one of them, being drawn to the survivors as if Theyri herself guided him.

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