Dsartu Coalition
Flag DC
Flag of the Dsartu Coalition
Location Dsartia, Tatreina, Porifex
Size Around 16,000 systems
Kardashev class Type II
Founded {{{founded}}}
Status At war with Churachnya Twentieth Republic
Capital Dsartia
Official language Dsartian
Demonym Dsartu
Population Around 1.5 billion
Species Dsartu
Government Bicameral Federal Republic
Current leader(s) Chancellor Mokyr Saruppra

The Dsartu Coalition is the most powerful governing body created by the Dsartu species. It has control over around 16,000 systems, and is attempting to seize another 30,000 to compete with the Ghaknral Commonwealth of States. However, the Churachnya Twentieth Republic also desires for control over these systems, and so the two states are undergoing a violent war. the GCS has opted not to take sides, and maintains its borders without entering the war.


The Dsartu, for many years before the creation of the Coalition, had been ruled by a single dictator, known as the Dsartu Supreme, under a governing body known as the Imperial Union of the Dsartu. However, approximately 11,000 years ago, the Supreme was overthrown, and the three commanders who orchestrated this revolution turned on each other, beginning a war which lasted 1,000 years, each side's commanders being replaced by their descendants.

After 1,000 years of war, one of the sides won the war. This new ruler decided to create the Coalition. He declared himself the first Chancellor, and created two legislative houses to advise him: the House of Representatives, and the Senate.

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