An Eldajin Warrior

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The Eldajin are an ancient race that imprisoned the Kaati long ago. Little is known about them, but the Kaati were able to dig up and use some of their technology. As of now, they are assumed to be extinct

Discovered TechnologyEdit

Eldajin Teleporters-The Eldajin have teleporters that can teleport the user from one teleporter to another of their choice. Only creatures with Eldajin DNA can use it. However, the Kaati have reverse engineered them to work only on Kaati. Due to this, the Kaati have a large teleport network around their planets.

The Tesseract-The Tesseract is a cube used to imprison the enemies of the Eldajin. It was used to trap the Kaati for centuries. The Kaati despise it and refer to it as the Satan Cube




The Eldajin are believed to be athiestic, according to Kaati archives.


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