Ema is a goddess in Jamzezism said to be the mother of all life forms. Her first child is the chimera known as Saskana.


Ema is described as impossibly beautiful. Despite numerous sculptures and drawings for her found in Vaikan architecture, it is said her true form cannot be matched. Generally, her appearance in artwork changes depending on the current cultural depiction of what beauty is.

Ema is often depicted as a Vaikan with purple skin and four arms. Common depictions show her wearing a brightly colored dress with numerous ribbons. Many Vaikan queens and nobles model their fashion after this style.

Ema is believed to have been the first living being having hatched from an egg spontaneously from the chaos of the shaped, yet lifeless universe.


Ema is described as an everwatching maternal figure looking to care for her children. She is the symbol of power, leadership and wealth.


The majority of worshippers of Ema are female Vaikan largely due to their higher status in many Vaikan cultures. Male Jamzezists will usually prefer either Krayhan or Morduin.

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