Enrico Placidi
General statistics
Born 2124 AD
Affiliation Galactic Senate Special Operations Corps
Titles Placidi
Skills/Abilities Knowledge of machines, stealth
Status Unknown
Species Gaean
Gender Male
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Weight 135 pounds

Enrico Placidi is a Gaean-born human whose family moved to Ashadra. He survived the Harvester Invasion of Ashadra and was later discovered in 2142 AD by Galiana Arcad and the other members of GSSOC. Since then, he lived with Galiana and her adopted father and fellow GSSOC Member, Krilek Sol I Dor Arcad at the GSSOC's Bunker.



Enrico is a survivor. Usually suspicious of races other than his own, he prefers spending time with his own kind. However, it is easy to ease him into trusting a non-human with a human's (or Ashadran's) help (such as how Galiana eased him into trusting the GSSOC).

There are times he seems to look up to other individuals, even aliens that he once time didn't trust. One very notable example is Ahrganot Skizgo, who he hopes to have teach him everything he knows about his chosen fighting style.


Enrico is the tinkering type: he loves making machines, even little mechanical things. He hopes to one day be able to make weapons for the members of GSSOC. He claims that his first 'official' project will be a set of bracers, like a pair he currently has, that Ahrganot could load his daggers into, and use as wrist-mounted blades that can be hidden from sight.

He is also somewhat proficient in sneaking around (he pales in comparison to Ahrganot by a MASSIVE margin, but is better at it than Galiana at least). He actually looks up to Ahrganot in that respect and hopes that maybe the Vaikan would teach him a few tricks at some point.

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