Spectral type F5, M3
Age 5.6 Billion years (both stars)
Size 1.3 Sol masses, 0.3 Sol masses
Surface temperature 6580 K, 3083 K
Diameter 1.3 Sol diameters, 0.3 Sol diameters
Stars 2
Planets 2
Moons 36+
Cluster IC1848, Soul Nebula
Region or Arm Perseus Arm
Galaxy Milky Way Galaxy
Faction Karalian Empire

The Envin system is a binary star system in the Soul Nebula. The two planets in the system orbit Envin A, the Class F Star. The Class M Star, Envin B, orbits at the far edge of the system.



Taka is a orange hot Jupiter gas giant orbitting very close to its star.


Dizir is a large blue gas giant with 36 moons. It is roughly twelve times the mass of Jupiter.


Main article: Khovet

Khovet is a gas giant moon with an atmosphere toxic to most species. Life flourishes underground, and it is here where the Malenven originated. The complex network of caverns and tunnels below Khovet's surface are filled with lichen jungles and bioluminescent life.

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