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Average height


Average Lifespan

115 Earth years


Thoracic claw.

The Estus are a sapient race from the moon Fuerus in the Triangulum Galaxy. As a member species of the United Vannah Planets, they are part of the Iralek Alliance.


The Estus have a barrel-shaped body. It is supported by four legs, all semi-erect and with the feet equidistant from the two adjacent while they stand still. The head sits on a long neck projecting forwards from the body, and bears a toothed beak. The eyes bulge slightly from their sockets, and have a thick nictitating membrane.

The torso has two long and gangly arms ending in a grasper like a soft cup. However, also attached to the thorax is a claw on the remnants of two previous arms. When born, the two arm remnants are seperate, but they will lock together and fuse if pushed together. The thoracic claw can deliver powerful blows.


All known Estus are part of the UVP. ----

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