Federated Nations of Gaea
FNG flag1
The flag of the FNG
Location Gaea
Size 1 capital planet (Gaea) and 50 large colonies scattered throughout the Orion Arm
Kardashev class Type II
Founded {{{founded}}}
Status Thriving
Capital New York, USA, Gaea
Official language Various human languages
Demonym Gaean, Human
Population 30 billion (as of 2340)
Species Homo sapiens
Government Loose federation of sovereign states
Current leader(s) High Councillor Charles Quesoran

The Federated Nations of Gaea (abbrieviated as FNG) is a union of the states existent on the planet of Gaea in the Omni 10 universe. It was created in the year 1989 after the War on Gaea ended with a Human victory. The FNG, in the Omni 10 universe, is a direct descendant of the United Nations.


The Federated Nations of Gaea was founded in 1989 when the nations of Gaea realised that, in order to withstand further threats against hostile aliens, they had to form a stronger bond between each other. The result was the International Pact. This eventually evolved into the FNG.

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