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Felionary Yeghnem's Soul of Recognition.

"I hereby swear, now I have been bonded with my husband, that I will fufllfil my duty as Queen of the Drahoni kingdom, Mother of the Drahoni people and wielder of the Sceptre of Ithaya."
―Felionary Yeghnem to her people

Felionary Yeghnem is the current Queen of the Drahoni kingdom and wife of King Tiberychaam Wirsdakh. She is born in 2,008 AD and currently has the age of 134.


Felionary is 3,32m tall, she has a light grey skin which she had since her birth. The nutrient sack on her head reaches her hips, she keeps the length of this sack by healthy food. She usually wears the royal tunique when she is seen in public.

This tunique is blue coloured with white stripes around the arms. The ends of her sleeves come together to one point between her middle finger and pink. The end of her skirt is decorated with white decorations.

She fought in a battle against rebels once, during this fight she wore a battle-suit she put together herself. It consisted of shoulder and knee pads, lightweight plating on her arms and legs, a lightweight plating on her back and chest and a helmet she desgined herself. The lack of weight enabled her to move around the battlefield unhindered and secured her victory and safety.

Whatever she wears, she always has jewelry around her tendrils and tail and always wear her Soul of Recognition and a pendant containing some of the ashes of her father.


Felionary is known to help her husband, Tiberychaam, to make difficult decisions when ruling his kingdom. She mostly chooses the option that is positive towards the population but it is known she has chosen once for the kingdom's treasury.

A scandal once ruined her reputation when she was 87 and married to her husband for 5 years. Newspapers wrote she cheated on her husband with a female Drahoni, however, investigators found out this was only a lie as the female Drahoni was her sister of whom she was not allowed to talk about of her father as her sister had no ties to her mother.


Felionary is a careful thinker, she will never act when she does not posses the full knowledge of a situation. When she acts it will only when there are little to no consequences.

She enjoyes knowing more than others, she spends most of her time learning from the Drahoni Library Database and thus knows a lot of the Drahoni people. When someone tries to lecture her of something she can easily do the same, the only difference would be that she would win.

The death of her father in 2,093 AD depressed her for 3 years, despite not being in a despression anymore she still mourns for him.

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