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The Flow of Regret is the name given to the Xzeron civil war. The war was started when the question rose whether or not the Xzeron should make attempts to find another civilsation. The conservatists were against this idea but the liberalists agreed with it.


After the question rose of making attempts to encounter new civilisations the Server was in turmoil, two idealogies rose. The first ideology, that of the conservatists, was to keep have civilisations encounter them instead of finding others. The second ideology, that of the liberalists, wanted to make attempts. The conservatists won the debate and denied the liberalists to carry out their plans but they did so anyways. This angered the conservatists who ordered the fragmentation of the liberalist leaders.

Despite their leaders were gone the liberalists still continued their actions, to stop this the conservatists undertook military actions and fired upon military liberalist ships. Other ways of drawing attention such as broadcasting signals were disrupted.


The liberalists began their first hostilities after an attempt to sabotage a major conservatist server, this was stopped but revealed a much larger plan. Hundreds of servers were being sabotaged, all A.I.'s inside those servers would accept the liberalist ideolgy in an instant causing their numbers to rise greatly. Server security was increased througout the Xzeron empire to keep this from happening again.

In order to lower the liberalist numbers the conservatists purged several servers from the main server on Aerszonic, this was succesfull but made the conflict between the 2 factions escalate.

Civil warEdit

The conflict escalated into civil war, the conservatists declared war at the liberalist. It was revealed they had secretly put up several dozens of 'Birth facilities' to increase their numbers which they stored on seperate servers to keep them from getting purged. All fleets in the Grand Xzeron Navy were mobilised for full-scale war.

Millions of constructs were being made for the 'unactive' A.I.'s to fight for the cause.


During the last months of the war the fighting had been intensified, the liberalist tried to make a final push towards Aerszonic to take over the control of the main server by sending all of their last forces. Every single ship was destroyed during the battle, the Yaunthar Erokh killed the liberalist Yaunthar Dezla personally and thus ended the civil war.


The Liberalist fleets, servers and leaders were destroyed. The conservatists triumphed victorious. However there were still some ships that contain liberalists but these are too small and scatered to pose any threat to the Xzeron empire's safety.

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