Fruggs are a species of repto-phibs that live in the swamp jungles of Mantras. Fruggs are some of the most varied groups of repto-phibs on Mantras, with some having adapted to live in the calderas of Mantras' volcanos. 


All Fruggs have four limbs and a long tail. Their heads are spade shaped, with slight flares near the edges. The tail also holds a large bone club on the end, used for self-defence. The body is covered with flexible scutes, and the feet are webbed to some degree.


The frugg has diversified into many subspecies, each with different adaptations to their habitats.

  • Giant Frugg: The largest of the fruggs. They are almost completly aquatic, by necessity of Mantras' high gravity. These fruggs are heavily armored and armed, with thick scutes and large clubs. Giant fruggs can grow to about 25 feet long.
  • Dwarf, or Leaping Frugg: One of the smaller frugg species. Leaping fruggs have very fine scutes, and little in the way of a tail club, making it much easier for them to move around on land. This frugg's hind legs are very well developed, alowing jumps of up to 10 to 15 feet. Dwarf fruggs grow to about 3 feet long.
  • Lava Frugg: This species of frugg has adapted to live in the calderas of Mantras' volcanos. It has very thick scutes to defend from the heat. It's tail club has been reshaped into a long, hard spike to help with climbing the volcano walls. It's feet are also shaped to help with climbing. Lava fruggs can grow to about 10 feet long, if the volcano's heat doesn't kill them first.
  • Ice Frugg: Ice fruggs live in the high mountain ranges of Mantras, where snow is always present. Their feet end in long claws to aid in digging through snow and ice, and their heads are more flared than other fruggs', making burrowing easier. Their legs are also much more splayed so they don't fall into the snow and become trapped. Ice fruggs can grow to 13 feet long.

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