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Parent planet


Distance from star

1.49 AU

Surface gravity


Axial tilt

Day length

139 hours

Year length

600 Earth days


64.1% nitrogen, 23.9% oxygen, 8.9% argon, 3.0% neon, other gases

Fuerus is a moon orbiting the Jovian planet Kanshuun and the star Shelln. It is in the Triangulum Galaxy and is the Estus homeworld.


Kanshuun orbits 1.49AUs from Shelln, a F8V-class star. The gas giant has a mass of just under 10^27 kg, at 0.52 Jupiter masses. Fuerus orbits 748,000 km from Kanshuun.


The diameter of Fuerus is 7600 km. It has a mass of 0.22 Earth masses, and is slightly more dense than Earth. The planet's surface gravity is just over 0.6g.


Fuerus is tidally locked to Kanshuun. It takes 139 hours to rotate on its axis, and 139 hours to orbit the gas giant, so the same side always faces that planet. The planet's year is 600 Earth days long.


The crust of Fuerus is 42.6% oxygen, 30.1% silicon, 10.4% iron, 7.2% aluminium, 4.9% magnesium, and the remainder other elements.


Oceans cover 56% of Fuerus' surface. The average global temperature is 23 degrees centigrade.


Fuerus' atmosphere is 64.1% nitrogen, 23.9% oxygen, 8.9% argon, 3.0% neon, and the rest is other gases. The large quantities of argon and neon are due to bombardment by bodies from the outer solar system.


There is extensive life on Fuerus. Pale green forests cover 31% of the land area, and swamps are common.


This moon is the birthplace of the Estus. Their greatest cities and spaceports are built here, and it has a population of eight billion. ----

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