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This is the complete history of the Great Horn Dragon Race.

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  • ~190 Pre Kahhn (Nierdro) King Kahhn is born.
  • ~170 Pre Kahhn Kahhn first meets Adam Jestico
  • ~145 Pre Kahhn Adam Jestico invests military technology and supplies Kahhn for an uprising
  • ~110 Pre Kahhn Kahhn's rebellion succesfully takes over the previous government of his home nation, and is officially recognized as its own country
  • ~105 Pre Kahhn Kahhn forms an alliance with a dictatorship controlled by Ramines Arckas and several smaller nations
  • ~95 Pre Kahhn Kahhn's alliance officially declares that they are one nation, and declare war on each of their respective enmies
  • ~70 Pre Kahhn Kahhn's empire declares Kahhn the King after Adam Jestico passes away
  • ~65 Pre Kahhn The enemies to Kahhn's alliance collapse and surrender; soon there-after Kahhn asks the remaining nations of the world to join his nation peacefully, many do so, and others quickly collapse under economic struggles
  • ~50 Pre Kahhn All remaining nations humblely ask to join Kahhn's nation in exchange for economic and military security, Kahhn's one world government is established
  • Year 0 Kahhn names his empire the Great Horned Dragon Imperial Federation. Contrary to non GHD beliefs, the Great Horns refer to ancient myths about a nation sounding 7 great horns, one for each nation they conquer, and by the time the seventh horn is sounded, they have peace.
  • ~1 Post Kahhn The GHD Empire enters into a war with an Alien Empire
  • ~10 Post Kahhn The Alien Empire is utterly destroyed, and the GHD Empire makes a name for themselves in the galaxy, King Kahhn Dies.
  • ~10 Post Kahhn The GHD Imperial Federation adopts the Kahhn Articles, and accepts Arterius Arckas as their first Grand Admiral
  • ~10 Post Kahhn The Dyno Empire becomes hostile and destroys an exploring warship. Arckas declares war
  • ~11 Post Kahhn Arckas annihilates the Dyno Empire, conquering 5 star systems in the process
  • ~11 Post Kahhn The Harbingers are first seen orbitting an allied planet, they leave without single shot; on their second sighting they attack the planet of Nierdro, and after destroying a good chunk of the GHD fleet, leave and vanish without a trace, only two of their ships destroyed
  • ~12 Post Kahhn Arckas takes a fleet and sets out to find the Harbingers's homeworld, he disappears soon afterwards
  • ~12 Post Kahhn Minor Admiral Warner Jestico takes control of the remainder of the search fleet and locates the Harbingers. The Harbingers prove hostile, and the fleet returns to Nierdro where war is officially declared
  • ~13 Post Kahhn Gerald Plocts is elected Grand Admiral and begins a war with another alien ampire
  • ~33 Post Kahhn Grand Admiral Gerald Plocts is forced to resign, and is replaced by Tyra Jestico, who finishes the war with the alien empire
  • ~40 Post Kahhn Tyra Jestico launches a battlefront against the Harbingers in their own territory, establishing military colonies in the area

Historical AccountsEdit

Pre-Space History Edit

Not much is known about the history of the dragon race before Kahhn's time. All that historians have gathered are myths, legends, old computerized documents that don't tell much, information recovered from ruins of cities that no longer exist, and much more uncertain evidence. The stories of some of these myths and legends of the GHD race include great kings of a time when warriors fought with swords and axes, prophets that that spoke on behalf of a God that was all but forgotten until the 8th age, and fanciful tales of ancient beasts that no-one can say for certain ever existed. One of the most well known legends is that of an ancient nation that went out to conquer the known world to achieve peace and prosperity whose king famously sounded a uniquely constructed horn after each victory, and after seven victories over ancient empires were achieved, the king blew the horn one last time to declare everlasting peace for his people, and then he went up to a cliff dropping off into the sea, and dropped the horn as a sign of a pact with God being fulfilled, for his peoples' God told sent a prophesy to them that once the seventh horn was sounded, they would have peace forever. The horn became known as the Great Horn, which Kahhn named his empire after.

The First Age Edit

King Kahhn Edit

CRE King Kahhn-0966c2a9 sml


Kahhn's Badge

(~190 Pre-Kahhn - ~10 Post-Kahhn) The 1st age of the Great Horn Dragon Race begins with the birth of King Kahhn, who united the homeworld Nierdro under on nation and thrust the empire into the interstellar age. This age is the beginning of the Kahhn-Nierdroan calendar, the most widely used calender in the empire; in which year zero occurs on the year when Kahhn led the empire into the interstellar age. Kahhn lived to be about 200 years old, significantly younger than the average life span of a dragon. Not much anything is known about the world even in this early age, much less anything before the galactic era. Kahhn, whose first name is heavily debated, was born about 190 years (Nierdro) before his dominion was made official. He joined a military career at a young age, and left shortly thereafter because he felt betrayed by his home nation. About 20 years into his life, he encountered Adam Jestico, who at the time was an aspiring weapon designer and engineer. The two became good friends, and shared common beliefs about the condition of the nation they were born to. Some time around 145 pre-Kahhn, Adam Jestico had become an incredibly successful international arms manufacturer with a huge fortune to squander; it was around this time that Kahhn reunited with his old friend, and first discussed the idea of "fixing" the world they lived in. Adam Jestico was in agreement with the ideas, and the two began formulating a plan to start their own empire and solve all of the problems of the world with an iron fist.

Adam Jestico hand picked some of his most loyal and revolutionary workers and began to have them work on top-secret, advanced weaponry. They developed weapons that would be superior to other nations that had never been seen before. Meanwhile, Kahhn began to rally the people together however he could in order to instigate a mass uprising, and overthrow the government of their home nation. Around 110 pre-Kahhn, Kahhn's massive insurrection, fueled by thousands of oppressed peoples and armed with the most advanced weapons the world could offer succeeded. They formulated a new government, and Kahhn was made the, at the time, temporary leader. A few years afterwards, Kahhn and Jestico decided to move forwards with their plan. They contacted a major military power, a dictatorship led by Ramines Arckas, and several other war-torn nations around the globe, and forged alliances. Within a decade, the allied nations declared that they were one nation, and would work together to wipe out their enemies that continually threatened their existence.

Some time around 70 pre-Kahhn, Adam Jestico passed away, and shortly thereafter, the empire declared Kahhn as the king, and sole ruler. By 65 pre-Kahhn, all enemies of Kahhn's new empire had fallen. Kahhn then offered to every remaining nation an opportunity to join their empire peacefully. While many empires did so, few choose not to accept the opportunity, but soon collapsed under economic struggles. By 50 pre-Kahhn, the world was under one nation.

For the next 50 years, Kahhn pushed for rapid scientific advancement, space exploration, and technological advances. It was a time of peace and prosperity Nierdro, and at year zero, the Empire officially became an interstellar capable nation when they achieved the first interstellar space flight. Around the same time, the Great Horn Dragon race first named itself; calling themselves dragons of the great horn, a mythical horn blown by an ancient king every time an opposing nation was conquered; the king ultimately conquered the known world and gave peace to his people, and so the great horn became a metaphor for their own empire, as Kahhn had conquered the known universe and gave them peace.

Not long after the nation became an interstellar one, a hostile alien threat came about, and threatened to conquer the empire and make slaves of the entire race. Kahhn and his highest officers at the time, including Ramines Arckas, managed to capture one of the opposing empire's warships. The ship was taken apart by Adam Jestico's still thriving weapons designing company, now run by Adam's first and only son, Julius. They managed to reproduce the superior alien technology, and arm Kahhn's warships with it. The war raged on for 10 years after that, and in the last 4 years, Kahn got the upper hand, and conquered the alien empire without leaving a single trace of them. On the way back from their final battle, Kahhn became sick, and died.

When Kahhn's flagship returned with his body, Nierdro held a massive funeral ceremony, and a council of Kahhn's highest officers and closest friends met to discuss the future of the empire. The council included Arterius Arckas, Ramines's son and Kahhn's second in command; Julius Jestico, Adam's son and heir to the weapon corporation; Artes Kahhn, Kahhn's eldest son, and an Admiral 1st Class; Spaca Kahhn, Kahhn's second son, who took up a career in designing warships; and Nikan Jestico, Kahhn's youngest daughter, who was married to Julius Jestico. Arterius Arckas presented to the council what is presumably one of the last things Kahhn ever wrote up; the Kahhn Articles which was considered Kahhn's will for the continuation of the empire. The council agreed to adopt the system of government, and soon afterwards, Arterius Kahhn was elected the first Grand Admiral and Supreme Commander (just "Grand Admiral" for short) of the Great Horn Dragon Imperial Federation.

King Kahhn had four children: two sons, Artes and Spaca, and two daughters, Juliana and Nikan (all of whom eventually had planets named after them). Artes became a fierce war hero and died in combat at the rank of Minor Admiral. Spaca went into the field of weapons design and created Spaca Industries, which would eventually become the chief engineers in charge of designing sovereign class warships in much later eras. Juliana became a captain and was eventually killed in action. Nikan fell in love with Julius Jestico, the only son of Adam Jestico, the wealthiest family in the history of the empire and good friend to King Kahhn. They had three children, Warner (who appears later in history), Magrus (who eventually founds the most important gateway colony in the galaxy, located in the Magrus system), and Jaseus (named after the planet, Jaseeus eventually founds the Jaseus wildlife reserve). More Lineage information can be found here.

Grand Admiral Arckas Edit

CRE Grand Admiral Arckas-0966c29f ful


Arckas's Badge

In the new system of government, set up by King Kahhn, the head of the military and international affairs branch of government was given the title of Supreme Commander and Grand Admiral of the Armed Forces, Grand Admiral for short. The first officer to hold this title was Grand Admiral Arterius Arckas. Directly after the death of King Kahhn, the empire once again found itself at war, this time with the Dyno Empire. In an effort to appear just as ruthless and cunning as the Great King, he sought to wipe out his enemies completely, and that he did. After the destruction of one of his flagships, a Federation Mach II Battlecruiser, which at the time was considered top of the line, he went on a merciless path of destruction. He annihilated the Dyno Empire, captured 5 stars, and destroyed 80 enemy flagships.

Shortly after the conquest, was the legendary first appearance of the Harbingers. At first, they were not assesed to be of any threat, but upon their second arrival, they struck. Only two of their flagships were destroyed, which, after the nearly instantaneous defeat of the Dyno empire, put a strong fear in the hearts of every local empire. Grand Admiral Arckas and the Council of National Affairs together decided to attempt to open communications with the mysterious foe. In their search, Grand Admiral Arckas mysteriously disappeared, only 30 years of age.

Minor Admiral Warner Jestico Edit

Without Grand Admiral Arckas, and lightyears away from home, the small search fleet was left without anyone in command. The crews needed a commander but were weary of simply promoting the highest ranking officer, so they put it to a vote. By a small margin, Minor Admiral Warner Jestico won the election. He made the decision to continue on to locate the Harbingers, and he succeeded. At first, the decision was to attempt to open an alliance, in hopes of warding off further Harbingers attacks. When that failed, the only choice was to defend. When the fleet returned home, war was officially declared.

Jestico was not promoted to the rank of Grand Admiral, in fact, he retired, 43 years of age. To replace him was the widely considered incompetent Grand Admiral Gerald Plocts.

Grand Admiral Tyra Jestico Edit

CRE Grand Admiral Tyra Jestico-0966c29e ful

Tyra Jestico

Tyra Jestico's Badge

After what was considered a pointless and ill-minded 20 year war with the Sir Stabbalot Empire, Plocts was forced to resign by the Council of National Affairs. They then elected the promotion of Tyra Jestico, the first daughter of Warner Jestico. Both the first female to claim the rank, and the youngest, Tyra was considered a prodigy of military expertise. In a sudden recuperation of the war against the Sir Stabbalot Empire, she led a small force of 3 flagships against the largest fleet ever assembled at the time, 92 warships. In less than a year, the war had been finished.

She re-organized a large force of 30 flagships and waged war against the Harbingers, this time, in their own territory. The demonstration of military might led to massive battles. What is today known as planet Jestico was established as a close military base, and at the time, left unnamed. Back home, production of a new warship began. By the time the re-armed fleet arrived, the older fleet of 30 had wiped out 83 Harbingers Flagships. At this time, even the newer flagships wouldn't go face to face with more than a couple Harbingers Flagships. Another military colony was placed an a nearby planet.

Almost 100 years had passed since the former Grand Admiral Arckas had vanished. But on that day, he re-appeared, he was in a spaceship wreckage on the planet, alive. Apparently, local pirates had taken him captive, and over time he found himself a ship and a small crew, then headed off in his own attempts to establish communications with the Harbingers, although it didn't turn out to well, as his junker ship fell victim to high gravity. The planet was named Arckas in recognition of his determination.

Another 50 years would pass before Tyra's death. She was destroyed in the destruction of her flagship in an assault on the Harbingers front.

Grand Admiral Arckas Edit

Because Arckas was still alive, and the spot was now opened once again, the Council saw fit to offer the seat to Arckas, after all he was directly appointed by King Kahhn in his will. This time Arckas would lead the most daring front ever conceived. To make a trip to the center of the galactic core, to see what exactly the Harbingers were so intent on protecting. What he found was the Harbingers homeworld. Scientists on his ship detected massive amounts of encoded messages, after several review and attempts at deciphering code after code after code, they learned that the Harbingers homeworld was a centerpiece for their entire existence. The center of all of their machinelike communication. Without it, any Harbingers defensive or offensive position would be lacking, scrambled, and disorganized. If they had any kind of a warning, the communication center could simply be transferred somewhere else. Grand Admiral Arckas made the decision to fire the most advanced weapon in the galaxy, a weapon that would destroy their whole planet, without giving them any kind of warning whatsoever. Unfortunately, it forced him to give away their position, and the Harbingers destroyed his fleet. According to hacked code from centuries later, it was determined that the Harbingers could not locate one final escape craft, and their search for the greatest military leader that ever lived, turned up nothing.

After a massive funeral service for both Tyra Jestico and Arterius Arckas, the un-named miliatry colony was named. It became known as planet Jestico, and has been a centerpiece of military power, and the front of the Harbingers since. This was also considered the official ending of the first age.

The Second Age Edit

Grand Admiral Athus Edit


Athus's Badge

Icon: 2 Gold Swords, Crossed, Sheathed in Silver Flame

(elected at age 54, died 274) After the destruction of the Harbingers Homeworld, the attacks temporarily subsided. At first, the rumors spread around the empire that the Harbingers had been defeated. The next elected Grand Admiral was Jalaiko Athus, the former second in command of Grand Admiral Tyra Jestico. For the empire, it was an age of exploration, and colonization; and although many smaller wars were fought against small empires throughout the Galaxy, this was considered a time of widespread peace.

During his reign, a relatively small Harbingers offensive was fought in the defense of the planet Athus. It was the only major battle during his time, and Grand Admiral Athus dies shortly afterwards, at the old age of 274. The next Grand Admiral would be widely forgotten and ignored by history. Grand Admiral Darfurio, who was elected at age 49, died at the old age 259; he had fought no major wars, and expanded the empire only slightly.


Grand Admiral Salva Edit


Salva's Badge

(elected at age 62, died at age 182) Grand Admiral Julius Salva was a truly ruthless and merciless warrior. He started a war with an empire that was hated in a cluster of stars right outside of the planet Jestico. And after the conquest of two of their planets, Salva had chosen to send a message to all empires in the region that the Great Horned Dragon Empire was truly a Galactic super-power, not to be trifled with. He destroyed their homeworld, becoming the second Grand Admiral to fire an electron fragmentation weapon on a planet, and even another homeworld.

The controversial usage of the super weapon caused great disturbance among local interstellar empires, and soon thereafter, several small empires banded together to fight against him. After a short period of warfare, Grand Admiral Salva began to restore the empire's relations in the region, and peace was made quickly; though the neighboring empires in the region never felt that Salva's actions were justified, the people of the Great Horned Dragon Empire have never believed Salva's actions unnecessary. After most of the tension had begun to fall, an emire there refused to let the grudge go, and in their desparate attempts to remove the Great Horned Dragon Empire from the region, began seeking allies to wage war. Salva declared war against the enemies that threatened him, and the clusterfuck of military power waged on until the empires found a common enemy. An attack by the Harbingers forced these local empires into allying one another against the Harbingers. After a swift counter-attack on the Harbingers, Salva destroyed the Harbingers presence in a frontal star system, and re-colonized one of the planets, left un-named at the time, as a military colony.

The new colony put a halt to Harbingers invasion temporarily. Acting as a major military armament, and barrier, the Harbingers would not be fully capable of initiating until much later. In the mean time, Salva encountered a race of aliens that were as far technologically advanced as The Great Horned Dragons themselves. The Leroy Empire was quickly allied, and they constructed the largest ship ever as a gift to Salva. The Behemoth Super-Dreadnought was adopted as the new flagship of the Empire and with it, was supplied Goliath-I Class Dreadnoughts. The Harbingers moved out and initiated their counter-attack on the empire. The Harbingers had assembled a massive fleet of 150 flagships, and over 800 large warships. The fleet was assembled for a single purpose, to intimidate the Great Horned Dragon Empire by proving their strength. The severely underpowered fleet under Grand Admiral Salva fought valiantly against all odds, and managed to destroy just over half of the Harbingers fleet. The Behemoth was hammered constantly until it finally gave way and crashed into a city on the planet's surface, taking the Grand Admiral with it in what is still considered the greatest last stand ever made.

For the remaining survivors, it had seemed that all hope was lost; that the Harbingers would destroy everything without any fight. Just when it seemed darkest, extra support ships from the empire arrived to sweep out the remaining Harbingers forces. Salva's last stand saved two military cities and countless lives by delaying the Harbingers's extermination long enough for reinforcements to arrive, adns o he is honored as the greatest war hero in the empire's history. The werckage of the Behemoth was salvaged and reconstructed as a ladnmark and mesuem, as well as a grave marker for Salva's body. In honor of his actions, the planet was named Salva.

Grand Admiral John Edit


John's Badge

Icon: Blue Shield, Gold Outlined, Green Flame Inscribed

(elected at age 37, executed at age 47)Grand Admiral Arterius John was the next elected leader. He led a long war against the Harbingers, mainly a defensive war. In his time, the colony on Salva was completely destroyed, and even the ruins of the Behemoth Crash site were lost. A new colony replaced it. Once the Harbingers offensives seemed to wear off, John moved towards more space exploration, and imperial expansion. After the great battle at Salva, many high-ranking officers were lost. John was not nearly as experienced, nor were his crew, as any of the preceding leaders. While he was expanding the empire, he had no idea what was happening on the home fronts, until it was too late.

A coupe had occurred in the home cluster. Highly advanced technology plus a nearly unlimited supply of recourses led to the development of the Overlord Heavy Battleship. A huge fleet had taken over the empire, and martial law was declared. The person behind the take-over declared himself the new Grand Admiral. When John returned home, he was received by a firing squad, becoming the only Grand Admiral to be executed. This is considered to be the end of the second age.


The Third Age Edit

Grand Admiral Tyranis Edit


Tyranis's Badge

Tyranis (mech)

Grand Admiral Tyranis (Cyborg)

Icon: Black Shield, Gold Outlined, Gold Flame Inscribed, Gold Wings Surrounding

(declared victory at age 29, defeated at age369)The self declared Grand Admiral Tyranis put the entire empire in military control. He ruled the entire age, about 340 years on the homeworld, and started a war against long-time allies, The Frugg Empire. He wiped them out and took over everything. Fearing the worst was about to come, other allies since the beginning, slowly began to band together. They developed top secret intelligence agencies to try and dismantle the empire from within. Tyranis was the first in history to adapt a life-changing technology. He was the first to gain immortality, which is why he ruled over the entire age. When he was in command, he nearly doubled the size and power of the empire.

Just before he had planned to enter a war with the Flitt Empire, he was stopped. A coupe organized over many generations from all different races had occurred. Lead by Ultimate Commander Angela of the the Seraphim Empire. After the Great Horned Dragon Empire was taken over, it slowly began to return to its former state.

Over 40 years on the home planet, the empire was occupied by its long time allies. The culture and technology mixed and developped more rapidly than ever. What was once an independent Galactic Superpower, had become a well crafted supreme ruler of the entire known galaxy, with one exception, the Harbingers. A new warship, the Jericho Class, was put into construction. For the first time ever, the technological gap between the Harbingers and the rest of the galaxy began to narrow dramatically. It was also in this age that the Intergalactic Gateway was first discovered.

The Fourth Age Edit

Grand Admiral Aquari Edit


Aqauri's Badge

Icon: 1 Circle, Top half Blue, Bottom half Silver, 6 Gold Claws at bottom

(elected at age 72, died at age 282) At the beginning of the fourth age, scientists had begun to master core matter reactors. Core matter was discovered near the Kelebus star system, which acted as an energy storage device in nature. It collected energy like a black hole pulls in matter. When it becomes fully charged, it pulsates, resembling a dying star, which is what attracted scientists initially. Under the right conditions, core matter could be controlled, transported, and used to provide nearly endless quantities of energy, as well as acting as a very powerful energy sapping weapon. It could not only stop energy from being used for electronics, but was literally able to suck all the energy out of a sun, or a stop a moving object.

Grand Admiral Aquari is responsible for the colonization of the planet Aquari as a military research colony. The only one of it's kind, all new weapons against the Harbingers emerged here. His entire life was fighting the Harbingers. Although it was not a major war effort, the ultimate effect of his reign was that he located the Demon Empire. Primarily a Drug Cartel, the demon empire paid lots of money for designs to a new ship with lots of cargo space, capable to fighting off any kind of enforcement fleet. Aquari gave them the Jericho-II Class in return for experimental data critical for the design of the Jericho-III Class.

Grand Admiral Adria Jestico Edit

Adria Jestico

Adria Jestico's Badge

Icon: 3 Red Swords, Crossed, w/ Gold Handles

(elected at age 47, died at age 257)The long-term descendant of the third greatest war hero ever, Tyra Jestico, Adria Jestico was the next elected Grand Admiral. Living up to the family name, she finalized the designs for the Jericho-III Class ship, and the J-35 "Striker" class fighter. Put into massive production, the technological gap between them and the Harbingers was bridged, and exceeded. The only thing that stood between her and the destruction of the Harbingers was their massive size. She began the first Harbingers Genocide Operation. The first stage of the operation was to cut off a cluster of stars, dubbed Alpha-Cluster, from other Harbingers systems. Without extra reinforcements, the plan was to simply plow through the Harbingers systems in the cluster. When the operation was successful, it expanded, and became the first of many GGOs (Harbingers Genocide Operation).

After the Alpha-Cluster was finished, designs were finalized for a new warship, the Jericho IV Class. With this new warship in mass production, Adria set off to repeat the process of divide and conquer. Back in the home cluster, trouble had begun again. This time it was far worse.

The Fifth Age Edit

The Galactic Economic Crash Edit

Back right after Grand Admiral Tyranis was taken out of power and imprisoned for a 50000 year long sentence, money from the Great Horned Dragon empire was considered totally worthless. Allies refused to accept it as tender, knowing full well that whatever Tyranis might purchase, could eventually be used against them. All trade was halted with a huge embargo. When the empire was taken over and put under occupation, foreign people were still weary of trading. Because of this, all support money to restore the ,once noble, just, and powerful empire, had to come from foreign government spending. This ran up a huge public debt in almost every allied empire. The people within them grew angry with their government and new tax collections. The allied public turned trade with the restored empire into a grudge match, charging ridiculous prices for almost all recourses. This only made things worse by keeping money from circulating properly.

With the inflation skyrocketing, the empire was soon unable to trade at all. To make matters worse, almost all recourses were going into the production of warships, meaning all the money was already spent. With very little value in reserves, the Economic Council declared the first ever Economic Martial Law. All warships were put on the defense. In the crisis, the Economic Council voted to send out nearly half of the armada to search for new alliances that could be traded with in order to restore economic stability.

When their search failed. Grand Admiral Adria Jestico was forced to make a tough decision. The Demon empire that had been given Jericho II Class warships for testing and research loved their new toys, and they wanted more. They made a deal that nearly instantly restored economic prosperity. All Jericho Class warship designs, as well as the designs for the Goliath I Class, Overlord Class, and Behemoth Super-Dreadnought were traded, in exchange for thousands of tons of rare purple spice that could be used as a fuel.

The empire ignored the deal with the devil that was made in their desperate times. They immediately began processing the fuels, and developed a whole new economy based off of it. Over the course of the next 2000 years, the economy eventually restored itself. Adria Jestico had died of old age, as well as 3 other unmemorable Grand Admirals.

Grand Admiral Bay Edit


Bay's Badge

Icon: 3 Silver Swords, Crossed, Sheathed in Gold Scroll, Red Flame Above

(elected at age 54, died at age 174)Grand Admiral Bay was elected while the empire was still in a state of emergency, but managed to outlive it. During the economic restoration, advancements in warships continued, despite the lack of funding to produce an army. At first the mass production of the Sovereign A Class was sluggish, but it eventually kicked off, and its numbers climbed to the thousands. In the warrior culture, soldiers were never short handed, but before the next GGO was launched, Bay wanted the support of every allied fleet, in order to catch the Harbingers off guard. Before any major war effort was made by the majority of allies, Bay was killed in the destruction of his flagship, fighting the Harbingers.

Grand Admiral Issac Edit


Issac's Badge

Icon: Gold Flame, Silver Sword Sheathed

(elected at age 93, died at age 293) Grand Admiral Issac was the next elected, his strategies advanced further with the development of the Sovereign B Class, designed specifically to be able to fight without backup, deep inside Harbingers territory. As the war waged on, more and more empires joined in the effort to wipe out the Harbingers. By the time the Sovereign C Class was produced, all but very few empires throughout the system of alliances had joined the battle. The once seemingly giant empire of the Harbingers was looking a little smaller very time a new empire joined the war.

Grand Admiral Issac also teamed up some of the empire's top scientists to produce a new super-weapon. The result was the Dragon Song Nova Burst. This officially became the super-weapon of what became considered the Dragon archetype, which could only be achievable by joining the Great Horned Dragon Empire, and adapting the philosophy of Conquest. The philosophy is that peace has only, is only, and will always only be obtainable when one nation rules the known universe. That even the longest lived alliances mean nothing, and the only way to permanently unify two nations, is to merge them into one. The Dragon Song Nova Burst is a time-space warped reaction that sets off a super-nova at a very long distance, instantaneously. The burst can be started from any large mass, and spans an entire star systems, reverting it into a proto-planetary disc, wiping out all celestial bodies in the system.

Grand Admiral Dartri Edit


Dartri's Badge

Icon: Silver Shield w/ Gold scroll inscribed, 10 Stars circling.

(elecetd at age 55, died at age 135) Grand Admiral Dartri replaced Isaac after he was also killed in action. Her efforts continued to push the Harbingers back at a regular pace. But elsewhere in the galaxy, a storm was brewing. The Demon Empire had constructed a massive fleet of their own, including two Behemoth warships, outfitted with modernized weapons. They had been allies to the Harbingers for a very long time now, and the Harbingers was forced to call upon any help they could get to launch a counter-attack. The Demon Empire was the largest.

Right after the allied forces had reached the destroyed Harbingers homeworld, the Harbingers call for help went out. The Demon empire, along with several other Harbingers loyalists, gathered up a huge force, and started a guerrilla war against the allies. It forced them back, a lot. Allied forces were forced to travel all around the galaxy to destroy Harbingers allies. The forces that remained on the front were slowly being diminished, and the Harbingers began fighting back with all their power.

Minor Admiral Jason Jestico Edit

Comm Angela

Ultimate Commander Angela, military leader of the Seraphim Empire

Hand picked by Dartri, Jason Jestico was sent to head off allied forces against the Demon Empire (below). In command of the largest allied army on that battlefield was Ultimate Commander Angela from the Seraphim Empire. The battle drew on for almost 100 years. The Demons were a powerful enemy. When at last they moved in on their homeworld, they chose to launch a massive land invasion, in order to seek out and capture the Demon's leader, Diablos. They succeeded, Diablos was captured, and delivered, a prisoner, to the Seraphim homeworld.


Minor Admiral Wintria Edit

Cpt Graythorn

Captain Graythorn, a member of the Flagbug Empire

Wintria was promoted by Dartri to lead a part of the fleet in a battle against the Hellion Driver Ant Empire (below) on the other side of the galaxy. The Hellion Driver Ants were a fascist race, in fact they were Nazis, bent on domination and the extermination of every other form of sentient life. The Nazi Empire had expanded and even, against galactic code, sold modern age technology to underdeveloped civilizations in return for uplifting them, ultimately they would be forced to become a slave race. At first Wintria was forced to fight against slave fleets and militia, but eventually developed spies to strike from within and lead massive insurrections. The largest of which was the insurrection on Formios. The Flagbug Empire was largest of the slave races, and turned Nazi technology against their enemies. The Hellion Driver Ants were completely wiped out, only a few remained prisoner.

Nazi Ant

Minor Admiral Weston Edit

Weston was a former special ops admiral who commanded 7 different missions deep within Harbingers territory. After the Harbingers called upon their allies, Minor Admiral Weston was sent to fight a rebellion in the Praying Thorny Devil Empire. An coupe was attempted by the rebel leader Ovion Diota, the empire managed to fight it off, but they were so close to Harbingers territory that smuggling weapons was easy. The rebellion lasted for 58 battles and spanned across 30 systems. Once news that the empire was in danger of falling to the enemy reached Grand Admiral Dartri, she sent Weston to overthrow the rebellion from within. Once the internal faults of the empire were destroyed they became a powerful ally against the Harbingers.

Grand Admiral Jason Jestico Edit

CRE Grand Admiral Jason Jestico-0966c2a7 ful

Jason Jestico

Jason Jestico's Badge

Icon: Gold Shield w/ 2 Silver Swords, Crossed, Inscribed, 12 Gold Stars Circling Shield

(elected at age 26, died at age 286) Grand Admiral Dartri died in combat while Jason Jestico was fighting the Demon Empire. The Council of National Affairs elected him to the title of Grand Admiral. He returned to the Harbingers front, and finalized the designs for the ultimate warship. The Ultimatum class became the new flagship of the allies, its colossal size, advanced weaponry, and vast numbers fought the Harbingers to the very end. Jestico's own ship "Vini Vidi Vicci" was credited with being the most effective warship against the Harbingers. As the war pressed on, the Harbingers were were driven inward from every side. There was no escape, and as the Harbingers systems fell into the 50's, they finally decided to surrender. The conditions the Harbingers asked for were that former Harbingers territory would be returned, Grand Admiral Arckas be located and executed for the destruction of their homeworld, and that Harbingers allies would be reinstated.

The council of leaders of the different allied empires unanimously rejected the conditions. Grand Admiral Jestico replied to the Harbingers with a resilient no, and then proceeded to send the few thousand remaining ships into the planets. When nothing was left but the last Harbingers system, Grand Admiral Jason Jestico captained his ship into the enemy territory, where the Harbingers had prepared an army of over 100 thousand flagships for a final stand. As he approached the system he fired the Dragon Song device into the star, in about 3 minutes, the entire star system was obliterated, along with every last one of the Harbingers ships.

The Sixth Age Edit

Grand Admiral Jason Jestico Edit

After the Destruction of the Harbingers. The hunt was on, ships searched out the galaxy for former Harbingers allies, and destroyed them. The Great Horned Dragon Empire and all of its closest allies united, and re-organized themselves into the first Allied Galactic Federation. During that time, it was decided that the Great Horned Dragon Empire, and all of its allies should seek to unite the galaxy under one rule in order to establish peace in their time. The allies formed a supreme council and all adopted the Kahhn Articles. They altered it slightly to include a war council, that would watch over the actions of the Grand Admiral's actions, and decide if any measures were unreasonable. Once this was established, the expansion began, and a new warship, 10 times the size of the Behemoth (about the size of a moon planet in spore), was constructed as the flagship of the newly formed Galactic Federation. The ship was named the Excalibur.

Allied Galactic FederationEdit

The following is a complete list of all empire's that merged into the federation. (need to check game to finish list)

  • Great Horned Dragon Empire
  • Flitt Empire
  • Minor Empire
  • Bloggle Empire
  • Vampire Empire
  • Vampire Federation
  • Praying Thorny Devil Empire
  • Praying Thorny Devil Co-olition
  • Terran Empire (human)
  • Human Federation
  • Leroy Empire
  • Seraphim Empire
  • Nocturnian Empire
  • Flagbug Empire
  • Lycan Empire
  • Toadasaur Empire
  • Daematxchu Empire
  • Ferniki Empire
  • Big Empire
  • Lara Empire
  • Monstrasaurus Empire
  • Cidero Empire
  • Ossiona Empire
  • Sweecker Empire
  • Chung empire
  • Horrid Empire
  • Fernemue Empire
  • Ticonda Empire
  • Mruglbrg Empire
  • Quaddy Empire
  • Wub empire
  • Cycloptic Empire
  • Blacly Empire
  • Tubus Empire
  • Oscar Empire
  • Krukor Empire
  • Aggarerino Empire
  • Snogil Empire
  • Bothene Empire
  • Avaen Empire
  • Mandalorian Empire
  • Donkorian Empire
  • Prox Empire
  • Yam Empire
  • Trogg Empire
  • Toomer Empire
  • Stomachio Empire
  • Salamug Empire
  • Mamons Empire
  • Phoreanca Empire
  • Aver Empire

The Return of the Chosen One Edit

The long since lost Arterius Arckas disappeared after the destruction of the Harbingers homeworld in the first age. The long lost greatest war hero that ever lived was finally about to make his return. After a long run trying to escape Harbingers territory, scientists aboard his flagship had discovered how to create an explosion in the engines that would barrel the ship through space-time. The downside of it was that there was no way of telling when they would exit the time warping blast. They decided to do it. Now, what, to them, was only just a few years on the homeworld, after the complete destruction of the Harbingers, they exited.

The out-dated vessel shot from just outside the Harbingers homeworld at unbelievable speeds. When the ship finally came to a stop, it was directly before the Excalibur. The entire warship was able to dock inside of it. Arckas was greeted outside of his ship like a god, all of the Dragon crew members were in the docking bay. Then the Excalibur set a course for Nierdro, to take him home.

Grand Admiral Rendeli TerranEdit

(elected at age 22, died at age 72) Now being composed of several different races and empires, the Allied Galactic Federation integrated military forces. Rendeli Terran was a human militay master that lead the Terran Empire, a former monarchy. Once integrated, Rendeli was 2 generations below Galagtus Terran, who ruled the Terran Empire when it was integrated into the Federation. Rendeli Terran was one of three Grand Admirals that worked their way through the planetary forces, rather than the Armada so far(the other two being Tyranis and Arckas). After serving as an Arch-General for 12 years, he was recommended as a potential Grand Admiral, and served for 6 months as a Minor Admiral to gain experience with the Armada. When Grand Admiral Jason Jestico died and he was elected, he called for a new division of military scientists to be formed in order to experiment in the field of more advanced space travel. He also divided the council into sub-councils, 1 for each sector, that would all serve sub-ordinate to a smaller master council. At first it appeared to be successful and for a long time had no problems.

Grand Admiral Hyperion BloodfistEdit

(elected at age 42, died at age 312) Hyperion Bloodfest was a Leroyian, he quikly became known as the most ruthless leader in history, however not quite as experienced as many more famous than him. Bloodfist was responsible for the integration of many more empires, former enemies, into the Federation under the newly established General Principle 88. General Principle 88 states that the Allied Galactic Federation is supreme, and any empires to challenge that fact would have to be conquered and proven wrong.

The Seventh AgeEdit

Grand Admiral NeraEdit

(elected at age 39, died at age 139) Grand Admiral Nera served valiantly for a long time. She was a dragon and expanded the Federation across all un-explored sectors of the galaxy. But it didn't matter, all hell was about to break loose. She couldn't stop it, no-one could. The Seventh Age is often considered the beginning of the end. The council that had been divided was slowly losing its ability to remain stable. Since the council had become representative and was no longer sovereign, different people began to push their own beliefs which led to countless arguments, debates, and eventually chaos. Nera attempted to get a martial authority over the situation, but was denied several times. This dissolved all of the Grand Admiral's power to take-control and stabilize the Federation when it began to fall apart. The last time it had happened, the GHD Empire had allies that helped it pick itself back up, and recover. This time, there were no allies, they had become one. The diversity that saved the empire once before was no longer present.

Arch General FafnirEdit

Arch General Fafnir saw the upcoming chaos and realized that the councils were beginning to take over military power. With Grand Admiral Nera's assistance they together planned to rally the army together to create their own marshal law, without the council. The massive co-ordinated attacking would be almost like a coupe, but it would be designed strictly to stabilize the Federation, not take it over completely.

Minor Admiral Kaleb JesticoEdit

Kaleb Jestico was the long-time direct descendant of Grand Admiral Adria Jestico and was a distinguished military officer. Kaleb was also in on the plan to re-take the Federation. Part of the plan was that Nera would order blockades on every star system simultaneously. When that happened, Kaleb was to take a few key fleets to the master council and negotiate their surrender.

Dominick KahhnEdit

Dominick Kahhn was the long term direct descendant of King Kahhn. As his part of the plan he would command parts of the Royal Armada to go throughout the galaxy and blockade the planets with the sector councils headquartered. He had a different agenda however. While Nera was preparing to execute the plan to take over the council and stabilize the Federation. Dominick, as the first born of a long line of first born, and rightful King, was going to stage a coupe, and turn the whole Federation into a monarchy.

The Galactic Civil WarEdit

Once the plan was executed, the council agreed to surrender, Grand Admiral Nera would restore the original council under the Kahhn Articles. That wouldn't happen however. Dominick Kahhn had commanded a huge fleet of the Royal Armada to intercept the Excalibur and destroy it. This was done stealthily, signal jams and interceptors kept the Excalibur from making a distress signal of any kind. While Kaleb Jestico awaited for Nera's arrival, Arch General Fafnir's armies were blockaded themselves by the Royal Armada. Dominick Kahhn sent out several fleets of Royal Armada to counter the blockades at 10 different sectors, acting as if Grand Admiral Nera had plotted a coupe. After the 10th sector had been taken, Fafnir had regained control of the situation and sent a report of the events to Kaleb Jestico. Kaleb Jestico then informed the council and the news began to fly all across the Galaxy, from both sides. Each sector, having its own council, decided to put it up to a vote to decide which side they would take as true. The Royal Armada was ready, and full of soldiers loyal to the King alone. To those serving in the Grand Armada, many were uninformed as to the plan laid out by Grand Admiral Nera, about 1/3 of those forces chose to become loyal to the King, which leveled the playing field. By the time the division was complete, the Royal Armada had taken control of Lost Sector, Silent Sector, all 3 Gamma Sectors, Sector Halfway, Sector Orion-2, Sector Delta-2, Sector Delta-3, Sector Alpha-2, Sector Beta-1, and Wanderer's Sector.

Grand Admiral Kaleb JesticoEdit

(elected at age 29, died at age 99) After the division was complete, the restored council declared Kaleb Jestico the new Grand Admiral. Kaleb convinced the council to declare military and economic martial law. He then put warships and vehicles into production, and began training billions of troops. The strategy was to end the war quickly before Kahhn had the chance to raise a larger army and armada, by overwhelming enemy forces with shear numbers. The first battle took pace on Arckas when Dominick Kahhn sent 250 of his best warships to take over the massive planet. It wasn't enough, Arckas was so well defended that its defenses destroyed 48 ships without a single loss. The royal forces retreated. After that victory confidence was spurred across the Federation, Kaleb sent huge fleets of nearly 1000 warships each to every system in the Brina cluster (Halfway Sector). The defenses began to fall quickly, and when the royal armada forces in the cluster fell, Arch General Fafnir led planetary invasions, 1 planet at a time. The same strategy was repeated until the Federation had retaken Sector Halfway.

King Dominick Kahhn and Grand Admiral TyranisEdit

On the other side of the galaxy, Dominick had begun developing more higher-tech weapons, where he lacked numbers, he would make up with superior training and technology. He also made the move to free the eternal prisoner Tyranis. He restored Tyranis's title of Grand Admiral, except this time he would command the forces under Dominick's rule. Shortly after Sector Halfway was lost, Tyranis made his first appearance in many thousands of years, he led a force of about 1200 warships to planet Magrus. The battle was won, and Federation forces lost the system, and with it, a gateway directly to the center of Sector Core. He then began to stack up forces in the tens of thousands and plowed through Sector Prime. Federation forces gathered massive defensive armies and the longest military battle in a single sector began at the Khaldon system (Sector Prime, Area 1). Multiple battles began in nearly every system in Prima Cluster, the largest was in the Lithoe System (Dragon Homeworld). The battle ended when reinforcements from Sector Halfway arrived. Tyranis's forces were finally pushed back. Tyranis might have won and taken Nierdro if Kahhn had authorized more reinforcements. When they met up again, Tyranis killed Dominick Kahhn, and took the throne for himself.

Grand Admiral FafnirEdit


Grand Admiral Fafnir


Fafnir's Badge

(elected at age 78, died at age 108) After Kaleb was killed in action during the battle on Nierdro, Fafnir was elected Grand Admiral. Fafnir ordered for the production of nearly 3.5 million new warships, which when finished, would more than double the size of the current Armada of 2.75 million warships. Nierdro was totally devastated, only one city was left standing, Jaseus, a former wildlife sanctuary was attacked. All cities on Fabeca were completely destroyed, Keroz had only 2 cities left standing. Every planet had rings of spacecraft wreckage. Any dragon that did not cry for war prior was no longer hesitant to fight. Fafnir put Minor Admiral Zackariah in charge of the forces leading the counter strike on planet Magrus. Meanwhile, Tyranis's forces had taken over Leinemon, Burulus, and Chaea in the Core Sector. The war there was drawing ever closer to Jestico, Arckas, Salva, Athus, and Dorollumin, which have always been the chief military colonies and primary construction locations for the Armada. Losing them would set the Federation back hundreds of years. Fafnir directed every newly constructed ship to the front lines of combat. Fafnir was also one of the most fearsome warrior leaders of all time, some argue that he was a greater war hero than even Grand Admiral Salva. Fafnir was big, even for a dragon. Dragon's typically have more elongated looking bodies. Fafnir was taller than nearly every other dragon, the ratio of the length between his shoulders and the length from the bottom to the top of his rib cage was a lot more like a human's. He is 8'9" tall, 3'4" from shoulder to shoulder, has a wingspan of 14'2" (the largest of any dragon ever recorded), his horns are 3" in diameter (compared to the average of 1"), his tail is 7' long. Fafnir is the Shack of the dragon race when it comes to size. Arch General Fafnir is best known for a legendary fight against 2 of Tyranis's clones. The Legendary Dragon Fafnir

Arch General RathshireEdit

In the mean time, Fafnir ordered for invasive forces led by vampire Arch General Rathshire of Sector Gemini-I to attack the Retth cluster in Beta-1. The Retth cluster was an economic powerhouse during the Harbingers wars, they wanted it for that reason exactly, and if not , then to keep Tyranis from using it. From there, forces would branch out and take over the whole sector. The one fault in the plan was that his forces had no major warship production points that were capable of transporting new ships. The invasive forces were composed primarily of Vampires and Nocturnians, a couple of the greatest stealth warriors in the galaxy. The plan was to use U-6 Stealth Fighters to deliver electron fragmentation missiles in order to destroy enemy defensive fleets. After that, small shuttle transports would bring soldiers to the ground that would group together and take over cities silently.

Arch General MinulahEdit

Minulah was of the Praying Thorny Devil species, feared guerrilla warriors. While most of his races home systems had become occupied, he knew that they would not give in to Tyranis's rule. They hid, and waited to strike when most of the enemy forces moved on. He led a massive insurrection and retook systems behind enemy lines. They kept forces away from the Jestico Cluster long enough for more warships to be produced. Once more ships were built up, Fafnir led them to drive out enemy forces back into the Magrus Gateway.

Galactic ChaosEdit

Once the massive armada gained access to the Magrus Gateway, they began to spread across the galaxy. Tyranis's forces fell one by one as each sector fell to the Federation. Tyranis summoned all his forces to pave through Sector Orion-1 in order to reach the galactic core. From there he planned to try to take the Jestico cluster from the other direction. It worked and he set up military outposts all over the galactic core. Fafnir's forces were spread all across the galaxy, and no where near the galactic core. When Tyranis reached Arckas he launched the longest invasion on a single planet in history. After that victory he used the Arckasan Military Drive Yards to expand his fleet. Re-took the Floetha cluster, and gained access once again to the Magrus Gateway. Without the prime production facilities, the Federation was in trouble. They were able to keep most of the galaxy secure, but wherever Tyranis wanted to go, he seemed unstoppable. As the war carried on Fafnir was killed in action.

Grand Admiral ZackariahEdit

Zackariah was the next chosen Grand Admiral. He built warships wherever he could, and began to send them all towards Sector Core. Tyranis's forces were on their way to Lithoe again. This time he had all the firepower he needed. The whole Prima Cluster was still under reconstruction when it got attacked. Tyranis took every system one by one, and concentrated all of his forces on the Lithoe system. The defense was long and difficult. All of the reconstruction was undone, and all but the capital city of New Spaca were destroyed. Finally the Federation regained control of Sector Core, all except the planet Arckas. Forces that were on the assault at Nierdro began to fall apart without any reinforcements. The last of their forces remained in Lithoe, relentless in the assault. The defenses continued to hold. They were eventually narrowed down to one building. finally reinforcements arrived and fought off the attackers. The next day, soldiers began sifting through the ruble, looking for survivors, looking for keepsakes, some just looking. News arrived at dusk that Tyranis had killed himself, and that the remnants of his forces had surrendered. The next day, a chunk of spaceship wreckage slammed into the last building. The council decided to relocate the capital, rather than rebuilding it there. The new capital was placed on Jestico. So much damage had been done, quadrillions lost their lives amounting to 40% of the galactic population, millions of warships were destroyed, including all Ultimatum Classes, and the Excalibur. The royal family line of Kahhn had been wiped out. 90% of all planets had been completely devastated, all cities destroyed. Across the Galaxy, piracy, looting, starvation, and disease was running rampant. The Federation was at its weakest point ever.

The Eighth AgeEdit

The eight age of the Great Horned Dragon Empire is known as the new beginning for the whole galaxy. After Grand Admiral Zackariah died, the Federation council did not elect a new Grand Admiral. The reasons for this lack of an election included many things. For starters, with the entire galaxy in such disarray many systems were unfortunately completely cut off from communication with the Core Sector; without any way to bring mass communication back, a central power figure would likely spring confusion and uncertainty. Some might claim that they are in fact in charge, and this would tear everything left into numerous civil wars. The next big issue is that there was hardly any highly organized military left to command. The third reason is because the entire federation was in a state of emergency, and every ounce of time and effort was going into reconstruction; it was determined that a central authority figure would simply complicate things.

As a result; the military was not at all organized. Systems and clusters fortunate enough to have communication ended up reserving the regional military to themselves. The entire torn up empire got by through hundreds of planet to planet alliances and treaties. In such a bad state, each individual ship was liable to start a rebellion. Every small group of people was essentially its own nation; the largest sub-nation located in the Core Sector, where the strongest pieces of the old federation still stood. The eight age as a result was characterized by thousands of heroic individuals of various ranks and authority. Around this time also began the rise of a singular organized religion; over 90% of the galactic population began to accept the theology of a one God, called by many names by many peoples, but all roughly the same principles of peace, unity, and compassion.

Captain FarstrongEdit

Captain Farstrong was promoted by his ship's crew after their former captain died. The ship was a refitted Jericho class named the "St. Marco." The ship until then stayed in the Retth cluster, and assisted in the defense of the planet Dakka, in the Duria system. Farstrong chose to sever the former captain's pact with the planet's admiral and convert the ship into a trade vessel. At the time, the Retth cluster, formerly the pinnacle of the Federation's trade, was cut off from all of it's usual trade routes. With no-one to trade with but each other, the value of their available recourses, which were primarily used as energy production goods, dropped significantly. During a pirate raid on the planet Dakka before they were leaving the planet, they aided in the planet's defense, and captured a wormhole key from a pirate vessel, and installed it into the St. Marco. They then were able to reconnect an ancient trade route to the Oilatis cluster, and made a fortune selling the desperately needed supplies. Over the next several years (based on the time in the ship), the two clusters eventually began rebuilding greatly through their trade. By the time Farstrong died, the Retth Cluster had a re-established nation, and the two systems of the Oilatis cluster were joined onto them as well. Through another nearby black hole, they managed to re-establish a connection to the Core Sector, and rejoined the Federation, which supplied them security in return for the needed energy recourses.

Captain BlackstoneEdit

Captain Blackstone commanded the ship "Dead Fury," a Sovereign A class warship, in the Spaca system around the time Farstrong began to supply energy recourses to the Core Sector. After Farstrong died, Blackstone was given an assignment to go through a black hole and re-establish communication with the Magrus Gateway, the cluster containing the black hole connecting Sectors Prim and Core. After a successful mission, he was promoted to become the Admiral in charge of the Magrus Cluster. At the time, only one planet, Abyson of the Magrus System, had re-entered the Federation; the other systems and planets were in no agreement, and rejected a central authority given to them by what they called "a broken empire desperately clinging to its dead alliances."

Blackstone was given several outdated warships and charged with the conquest of the micro-nations that the Federation wrote of as rebels. While Blackstone and his lieutenants were planning the first assaults, a prophet came to them and urged for Blackstone to unify the cluster with peace rather than force; he claimed that he knew for certain that the micro-nations would unite for the sake of unity on their own if they were given the proper chance, and that they only were worried that the Federation would become an oppressor.

Blackstone discredited him and sent him away. The prophet warned him then that if he assembled an army for attack, then the whole cluster would unite just to fight back. Blackstone did not listen, and moved his ships for assault on the Aepine in the Jakea system. When his fleet arrived there, just as the prophet warned him, the entire collection of fleets from the entire cluster showed up there, and drove out Blackstone's forces. With only 4 ships remaining, Blackstone retreated back into Sector Core.

After the battle, the cluster stayed united, and became one larger nation formed solely on the principle of unity, and adopted a religious cause to their strength. In later years, they would go on to re-establish an empire with all of Sector Prime.

General ArhaumEdit

About the time Captain Blackstone was launching his assault on the Magrus system, General Arhaum was made the commander of a micro-nation on the planet Galdoras in the Amedierin System, the first, and for thousands of years, the only, colonized planet in the entire Lost Sector. The Lost Sector has never had much economic, or strategic value, even during the recent struggle for galactic supremacy by Tyranis. Even the planet was nothing more than a distant outpost in what was always considered a far reaching edge of the galaxy. The only galactic sector of less value is the Silent Sector, where there are no known hospitable planets, and where no known life-forms have arisen from. After the Federation fell apart, Galdoras was left completely alone.

The planet Galdoras could be easily mistaken for a war torn planet; in fact, the widespread ruins and planet-wide dust storms are a result from a slowly dying population that has no food, no fuel, and very poor protection from celestial bodies (such as meteors). On top of poor soil, almost no precipitation, and no possible way to get off the planet left, the few remnant colonies split apart, and were reduced in population until nothing remained except dozens of small nomadic, tribal nations. Very rarely did anyone have even a fire-arm; and some-one who did was often in charge. All weapons, tools, structures, or anything really, had been constructed from pieces of ruins; these tribes were dressed in cloth debris, and wielded shrapnel weapons, the planet was utterly devastated and for the most part doomed to die.

Amidst these unlivable, hostile conditions, a leader arose, Nashumka Arhaum. He managed to forge a small alliance between his own tribe, and two other tribes. He then took control of the warriors from each tribe, along with another second in command, and went out on a conquest of neighboring tribes. Within twenty years or so, they had re-collected all the surviving descendants of a whole former city. This generation of people, none of which were alive to ever see a ship fly into space, had begun to dig up old technology; in doing so, they triggered an ancient, automated spacecraft to fly into the lower atmosphere. The spacecraft was an old, emergency activated, terra-forming vessel, and within a few hours, several had been activated around the globe.

Thinking the space vessel some form of deity, or at least a sign of one, Arhaum and his second in command ordered for the people of the micro-nation to begin harvesting the land immediately in order to grow sacrificial harvests. It worked, and for the first time in generations, a huge crop sprung forth. With as much food as they had, they made their micro-nation stronger, and being as large as it was, they spread out and took over nearly one hundred nomadic tribes that spawned from neighboring cities.

Quickly becoming the only super-power on the planet, they explored and researched more and more the old technologies and archives of the planet, and soon began rebuilding their past. They quickly came to understand that the spacecraft were not themselves gods, but forming as religiously as they did, they still believed that it was nothing short of a miracle for the vessels to be randomly tripped and activated. They adopted the old system of government, and unanimously named Arhaum the 4-Star General of the Planet.

Captain HarimEdit

(continuing off of the story of General Arhaum) After four centuries, and conquering the entire planet and restlessly working to reach back into the stars, they became uncertain of whether or not any other planets anywhere in the entire galaxy still possessed such organized, sentient life. Deciding that since no rescue of any kind had come for nearly 700 years, then it was likely that they were alone.

Finally, they managed to construct a spacecraft capable of flying interstellar. Mestuda Harim was chosen to captain the vessel, "New Dawn," and launch a mission to colonize near-by planets, and strip-mine them for resources to construct a ship capable of travelling through the wormhole that would, according to the information they managed to recover, take them right back near the heart of the ancient space aged civilization.

After 68 years, they finally succeeded. Captain Harim was again chosen to be the captain, as old as he was, to hopefully re-connect with the Federation. They arrived in the Tucus-5 system, in orbit of the planet Teneia, some 650 years after Captain Blackstone's defeat in the Magrus System.

Admiral AsherEdit

A century after Blackstone's defeat at the Magrus system, after which, Blackstone was stripped of his military title and decommissioned, the Federation had gathered and outfitted a much more formidable force to attack the now extremely dangerous 'rebels' (still not recognized as a nation), and put in charge their most experienced admiral to go and wage a war of extermination against them. The 5-star Admiral Asher led a huge fleet through the Magrus Gateway, and immediately moved in to take over the Magrus System, and the Jakea System.

By this time, the alliance of micro-nations, who called themselves The Alliance, had re-established an imperial connections with the entire Mirae Cluster, and were quickly growing influential and powerful in about half of the Prima Cluster. When word reached them that Jakea and Magrus had fallen, they rallied forces together and set up a strong assault fleet to retake Jakea.

As Admiral Asher moved her forces into the broader area of the Magrus Cluster, The Alliance swiftly moved in from all angles at Jakea, and took it back from behind the Federation's front lines of interstellar warfare. When Admiral Asher had taken over several systems, and was preparing to return to the Magrus Gateway to send for reinforcements and supplies, The Alliance already had total control over the area.

Without any assistance, Asher's fleets were eventually dissolved, and destroyed. Admiral Asher herself fled into less populated parts of the galaxy, and was never seen or heard from again.

Fleet Commander LotEdit

After Admiral Asher was defeated, a champion arose from The Alliance. Aaron Lot, a fleet commander in The Alliance's interstellar forces, was chosen to lead a strike force through the Magrus Gateway and to attack the Federation at the Leinemon System. The surprising attack caught the Federation completely off guard, and The Alliance took control of the system, and then moved to attack the Tipporon System, planet Jestico, the capitol planet of the entire Federation.

Having sent most of their forces into Sector Prime to die, they were weak. Lot's fleet was still no match for the Federation's primary defensive forces. He ordered his ships to land, crash land if they had to, but land nonetheless near Jestico's cities. The ships were evacuated, and their soldiers stripped themselves of identifying equipment, and hid themselves within the Federation's population.

After about twenty years (Jestico), Lot's soldiers had become a virus in the Federation's society. They spread their religious beliefs, and by the next century, the planet, and with it, the entire Federation was overtaken by the fanatical uprising. By this time, Lot was dead, but very quickly after his death, there was peace between the Federation and the Alliance, and they united at last, forming the Galactic Imperial Alliance.

Captain AlanEdit

Quick summary: the captain who first spoke to Captain Harim when he first arrived in Sector Core from the Lost Sector. He later goes on to spread the word of the one God, and with it, peace, through Sector Gemini I.

More to be added in later.

Captain NoahEdit

Quick summary: Captain Noah (much similar to the Noah in biblical times) is a prophet of the one God who speaks out against the continued mining, colonization, and militarization of the planet Arckas (despite it's quite evident, deeply engraved history with one of the greatest war heroes ever) due to it's uniqueness and insurmountable biodiversity. After about a hundred and eighty years, the Galactic Imperial Alliance votes to turn every untouched piece of the planet into a wild-life sanctuary with the exception of small towns at appropriate distances as necessary for transportations and way points.

More to be added later.

Admiral JoshuaEdit

About 500 galactic years, Joshua Rahul is promoted to the rank of a 5-Star Admiral (at the time, the highest ranking military officer since the beginning of the eight age). A prophet some time between Noah and now foretold of the return of an ancient evil that would arise and bring great upheaval upon the galaxy, and that the fate of all life that was considered good (not just believers in this case, but all life-forms that were not considered purely destructive) would be at steak, and a great leader would be hand chosen by the one God to deliver the Alliance from such a fate. For a very long time there was much debate about whether or not the time to come was now.

From a distant galaxy, an unspeakable force of millions of dreadnought sized warships had begun a devastating rampage all across the galaxy. They had taken over all of Sector Prime, and were moving up that particular arm-band towards Sector Core. The technology of their enemies was completely alien, and getting past it and fighting against it was a huge struggle. After a long and gruesome war, the Alliance had finally begun to gain an upper hand. They eventually retook most of the galaxy until this strange enemy was reduced to a single small cluster of stars; finally, they put up a white flag, and for the first time in history, intergalactic contact had been made.

The species of this strange enemy was not too different from the Harbingers that had ravaged the galaxy once before. These creatures however were very short in stature, and had no legs but a thick, slimy tail. Their upper bodies were brutish looking, with arms and broad shoulders. They had no eyes, and instead relied on a magnetic field sense to gain their visual-spacial reasoning (which explained their defenselessness against laser based weapons). They possessed cybernetic implants that gave them a huge variety of advantages. After a long study and several fact-finding missions, it was determined that these beings had fled another galaxy, with their entire civilization, from an unspeakably powerful enemy, and not only that, but actually followed the footsteps of a much older civilization that had been pushed out before them to the same galaxy. When asked to describe this enemy, they could only describe that this civilization was so far advanced that they had actually mastered time travel.

The Prophet AisausEdit

Shortly after Admiral Joshua's death, the Galactic Imperial Alliance experienced a time of great peace and expansion. All across the galaxy they spread the word of the one God and collected numerous allies. Their message of peace kept them away from war, and brought unity and meaning to the once fallen Federation. In their peace they began to explore the universe in logistical ways, and soon began to re-open hard-lined scientific fields of study. At first, no-one would dream of letting themselves question their faith in the one God, but over time, and many generations down, people began to forget and forsake their God. A man then came and prophesied great and undeniable truths, and attempted to return all of the lost children of the one God back towards Him. Aisaus was originally an unbeliever himself, but was spoken to physically and in person by a messenger sent on behalf of the one God in a vision.

Aisaus was given great power and authority by the one God who was held to be truthful, and the one God made himself known as 'I'. He told Aisaus to take a ship and crew to the planet Arckas and told him exactly where to find an ancient, unbelievably powerful artifact. He told Aisaus that by finding this artifact on Arckas would be more than enough reassurance for all the unbelievers he would hire, and from those few, would strike faith back into the Alliance. Arckas was chosen because of its size. Arckas is a huge planet, and there had always been a saying, "Buried somewhere in Arckas," or "Lost somewhere on Arckas," or "Hidden away on Arckas," and the sayings meant that whatever was being discussed was gone, and was never going to be found again. The planet is so huge that over 90% of its surface area has only ever been explored with a satellite from space view, and it is believed that only about 45% of the reachable area on Arckas can actually be easily seen from orbit. If some-one wanted something to be hidden away forever, all they had to do would be to drive around Arckas for a day or two, find a cave or lake, and bury whatever they wanted hidden; and no-one would ever find it afterwards.

Aisaus led his ground crew through a spot on the planet in the Arashana mountain range, a mountain range nearly 2 million kilometers long, and covering an extraordinary surface area. They traveled through miles of jungle and went into a cavern that ran 3 miles deep into a mountain. Aisaus swam through a small underground lake and came up on the other side to find a small bed of land, and on it, was a metal chest. He opened it with a key that he had acquired from a stolen cargo ship years ago. Within the chest he found an elaborately decorated golden trumpet, and a note that said, "This is the long lost, and by now forgotten trumpet of the seventh and final trumpeter of King Kahn's personal entourage, who led the Great Horned Dragon Empire into the interstellar age from planet Nierdro. The trumpet's owner ordered me, his great grandson to take the trumpet and bury it here; I was never informed why until the day he died. He said that he heard a voice from within tell him to do so, and so I did as requested. Perhaps some day the Harbingers will be destroyed, and perhaps some day the God that has brought me here will make himself known to all; long live King Kahn! Long live the Empire! And to the one God be the glory forever!"

This stunning find was seen as nothing short of a miracle by all of his crew. when others were told of the find, they were torn whether to believe that the one God had really done these things, or if Aisaus was lying to everyone. The religious leaders of the Alliance agreed that Aisaus was indeed a prophet. Within 10 years, most of the Alliance had returned to faith, and soon following they began to disapprove of much scientific research into questionable fields such as the idea of cybernetic soldiers. The minority soon attempted a rebellion and waged war against the Alliance.

Aisaus then came to the Alliance's Imperial Leaders and told them of another vision he received. He said that the one God had told him to take a single fleet to rebel territory, and to command them in combat. For a few days, the imperial officers couldn't agree on it, and were not sure whether or not it was a good idea. They finally gave him a fleet of 15 Jestico class warships, and sent him on his way with a substantial crew. When they arrived at the main planet to launch an initial assault, they were heavily outnumbered, and the one God gave Aisaus another vision saying, "Have faith; I am powerful and mighty, and I will lead you to victory for my own glory. Do as I command you and you will be victorious. Have your ships circle the planet and do not fire a single shot for a whole seven days. The rebels will be intimidated, and confused at why you do not fight, and will not fight back until the seventh day. On the seventh day, they will begin the battle, and so their blood will be on their hands; when they fight, sound the seventh trumpet and they be defenseless."

So Aisaus did so, despite the lack of faith from much of the fleet's crews. On the seventh day when the rebels began the war, Aisaus blew the trumpet and then ordered all of his ships to slaughter their enemies. The confused crew wasn't sure of what to think, feeling as if they were the ones to be slaughtered, until official confirmation came in that all enemy shields and defensive systems were suddenly offline. They crushed their enemies and not a single rebel survived on that planet. The remaining rebel systems surrendered immediately.

80 years later, in the end of Aisaus's life, he received one last vision. He then gathered up the highest officials in the Alliance, and gave his last words before returning home and dying in his sleep the next day. He said to them, "I have seen a vision from the one God; He has told me that I must warn you that a great evil is about to come into the galaxy, and they will threaten our existence. He has told me also this, that He will send you a leader to be called the Grand Admiral once again, and He will make his choice known by putting a miraculous sign on her, and she will also receive a vision of her authority. This will not be for generations, so pass it on to your heirs, and their heirs so that when the day comes, the identity of the new Grand Admiral will be clear."

The Prophet Aisaus's body was burned, and his ashes were scattered across the galaxy ceremonially. A city was erected soon after his death near the site of the seventh trumpet, and is a historic, and holy city named after him.