The Galactic Ages are the seperate periods of history used in the Karnasaur Calendar. Unlike most calenders, including the human Gregorian Calendar, the Karnasaur Calendar does not distinguish years according to a single historical event, but rather several. When used for dating purposes, the ages are always abbreviated to their age number followed by a capital 'A', meaning 'Age', which is followed by the year. For example, the current year in the Karnasaur Calendar is 4A 4, the fourht year of the Fourth Age.


The First Age - Age of GodsEdit

Main article: First Age

The First Age is characterized by the rule of the Ancients. It occured between the beginning of the universe in 1A 1 to the fall of the Omni in 1A 13,7499,999,488 (2A 1). This was the longest Age due to the billions of years between its beginning and end, and there has been much debate as to whether or not it should be seperated into different Ages for sake of simplicity.

The Second Age - Age of OriginEdit

Main article: Second Age

The Second Age is characterized by the rise of the KMF, the formation of the First Iteration of the Galactic Senate, the First and Second Galactic Wars, and the rise and fall of the Hunre and Heglarean Empires. It occured with the fall of the Omni in 2A 1 (1A 13,7499,999,488) to the end of the Second Galactic War in 2A 5153 (3A 1).

The Third Age - Age of SilenceEdit

Main article: Third Age

The Third Age is characterized by the time when the KMF was the only spacefaring power in existence. No major political power existed beyond them, and the Harbingers had retreated deep into the Core Zone, with the KMF military too exhausted from the Second Galactic War to follow. It occured from the end of the Second Galactic War in 3A 1 (2A 5153) to the discovery of the Eteno and Karalian Empire Empires in 3A 2374 (4A 1)

The Fourth Age - Age of RenewalEdit

Main article: Fourth Age

The Fourth Age is the current age. It is currently in the fourth year, and has yet to see many historic events, aside from the formation of the Second Iteration of the Galactic Senate and the formation of the Galactic Senate Special Operation Corps.

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