The Galactic Mercenary Guild, or GMG for short, is a galaxy-spanning organization of mercenaries, bounty hunters, hitmen, and professional assassins. While it is open for business to any and all, its main customer is without a doubt the Eteno Imperial Triumvirate.


While its official missions and employment options are almost always legal, the GMG participates in a vast quantity of not-exactly-legal operations. Thanks to the guild's influential allies and incredible wealth, it has mainly managed to emerge unscathed from these operations. Although many of its actions are illegal, they have a very comprehensive and quite secret agreement with the Eteno Imperial Triumvirate. The GMG refuses to do business with Eteno enemies and does exclusive, anonymous missions for the Eteno in exchange for all of the weapons, equipment, and ships that they need, lump sums of cash, and for the Eteno to look the other way when they participate in illegal work.


The GMG utilizes equipment from all around the galaxy, and never buys from a company simply because it has bought from them before. The GMG has enough money to carefully select what stuff they want with little to no limitations. The GMG uses ships and equipment from the Eteno extensively, as it is free and of the highest-quality.


With operations around the galaxy, the GMG sometimes has problems policing itself. However, a strict heirarchy remains in place. The top-performing hunters and mercenaries are leaders on Chapter levels. Each arm of the galaxy has at least fifty Chapters. A single administrative centre is present on the Eteno borderworld of Schwupzwild, the only higher authority in the guild. This centre ensures that no Chapters go rogue or commit crimes against the guild. Individual Chapters, as long as they do neither of the aforementioned things, have total freedom to accept or refuse contracts as they see fit.