The Galactic Senate (also known as the Second Galactic Senate) was one of the major governing bodies of the Milky Way Galaxy. Modified from the Imperial Alliance, the Galactic Senate was overhauled to be a government that could resolve disputes between civilizations all across the galaxy. While being influenced heavily from the Eteno Imperial Triumvirate and the Karalian Empire, a more neutral location of Domum Regimen was chosen as the main headquarters.

Founding membersEdit

Secondary membersEdit

Secondary members joined after the Senate was initially founded.

Former membersEdit


Each member had at least one senator to represent their faction.

  • High Senator Rith Ko'nad
  • Representative Ezemar Slawomir (Eteno Imperial Triumvirate)
  • Ambassador Muryiam Legatu (Karalian Empire)
  • Asca Bn Ar Gin Dalm (Delson Hegemony)
  • Emissary Janus'Romanum


Main article: History of the Galactic Senate

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