The Galactic Union of the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy (shorthand Canis Major Union, Galactic Union (within the CMD) or just abbrieviated as GUCMDG or CMU) is one of the major governing bodies in the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy. It was created by the Triple Alliance of Species in the year 1490 CE to bring the Galaxy together under a peaceful union.

However, at its peak, the first CMU only had members from approximately one quarter of the Galaxy. The CMU also collapsed 200 years later, due to buckling relationships with some of the member species. Nevertheless, the CMU was re-established by the TAS in 2151 CE, after the end of the Dsartu-Churachnya War.

As of 2168, the CMU has over 40 members, although only 6 of these have a large influence over the rest of the galaxy.

Primary membersEdit

Secondary membersEdit

Although not all secondary members of the CMU can be stated here, the major secondary members are included in this section. The secondary members of the CMU have a say in Galactic affairs, however, they do not have as much influence as the CMU's primary members.

  • Impria Mrinia Luria (joined 1856, rejoined Second CMU in 2154)
  • Nria Tzuak (joined 1670, rejoined Second CMU in 2152)
  • Union of Trian Socialist States (joined 1801, did not join Second CMU)


This is a list of the representatives of the major factions in the CMU.

  • GCS: High Councillor Orinus Daesus
  • Dsartu Coalition: Representative Disura Forti
  • CTR: Councillor Osten Pucha Muriam
  • ASNAP: Admiral Phallanxx
  • Loris Republic: General Usnara Moksar
  • NMC: Minister Mukari Biesmerk


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