This article is about the event. For the list of stories, see Story:Galactic Wasteland Era.

Galactic Wasteland is the arc that directly follows the end of the conflicts revolving around Suntsitzeagal unleashing, and relates to how the survivors of the crisis started to rebuild after the Galactic Senate collapsed, and its factions decimated.

Birth of the Perseus Defense ForceEdit

While the Vaikan managed to form the fairly stable Kingdom of New Karalia, the rest of Vaikan civilization gathered up into small dictatorships. One such dictatorship began raiding fleets with AIs and androids, in an attempt to make androids to carry the minds of Vaikan. They went relatively undisturbed, until they kidnapped the self-aware and sentient android Siran Narek, a former GSSOC member during the crisis with Sunt. Her boyfriend, the human Krikor Avakian, another former GSSOC member, gathered allies, contacted an old friend, Dur An Dil Dakan (who joined the Delson Militant Fleet, with the family of another GSSOC veteran, Galiana Arcad), and assaulted the Vaikan facility. His force was almost defeated, until the Delson Militant Fleet, led by the DMX Lawitalim, came and aided in the boarding operation, where the Vaikan dictator was eliminated, shattering the group.

The base soon became the home to the faction that formed from the remains of Krikor's force, and became the Perseus Defense Force.

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Formation of the Second Normarian FederationEdit

After the Great Tsuinaron War, the Democratic Federation of Species in the Norma Arm and Confederate Sovereign Colonies of the Tsuinaron both were dissolved, leaving small planet-states that frequently clashed with each other, though these were only petty rivalries.

In 2193, the small state of Okkarabō, which was formerly the capital of the CSCT, began calling for the reunification of the Tsuinaron states, in light of the Chaos Crisis. Subsequently, the Treaty of Kryoon was signed, which reunified the Tsuinaron states under the rule of Okkarabō: the Second Normarian Federation.

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