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Gallipests are avian-like vermin inhabiting Drakon cities.


Gallipests have six limbs; four scaly, clawed legs and two wings. They have a beak lined with heavily serrated teeth that they use to consume all manner of small animals and Drakon refuse. Gallipests are completely blind, and they move around using a rudimentary yet effective form of echolocation. Aside from their legs, their bodies are entirely covered with black feathers.


Gallipests have taken great advantage of the civilization that has been built on their planet. They spend their entire lives in dark alleyways, vehicle tunnels, and underground structures.

Societal impactEdit

Gallipests are infamous among the Drakons for raiding garbage disposals and being a general nuisance to the populace. Several mass extermination projects have been attempted, but none have succeeded (an incident known as the "Algopolis Gassing" led to the death of twenty-three civilians in the aforementioned city).

Invasive tendenciesEdit

Gallipests are natural hitchhikers, and have ridden aboard many Drakon ships from their native world of Szenaria to other foreign planets. As a result they have been introduced to many Drakon colony worlds, and have caused widespread havoc in the ecosystems present. The disease and pestilence that they spread is a notable contributing factor to this.

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