The Gehenna Galaxy (formal designation NGC 1277) is a lenticular galaxy 220 million light-years from Gaea.


The Gehenna Galaxy's youngest stars are 8 billion years old. With the recent extermination of civilization by Minos-Vaskus, there are no known life forms that inhabit it today as gamma radiation engulfs its entirety.


Minos-Vaskus is a monstrous black hole 14% the mass of its galaxy. This black hole came to be used as a weapon by Vernietigen during his assault on the Local Group.

Minos-Vaskus himself was detected by Human astronomers in late 2012.


Main article: History of the Gehenna Galaxy

The Gehenna Galaxy was home to a variety of technologically advanced civilizations that flourished millions of years ago.

220 million years ago, a highly populous civilization existed known as the Demons. They had studied relativity in order to discover the secrets of interdimensional travel. Upon exploiting the dimension Brunikor as a resource, Minos-Vaskus destroyed all life in the Gehenna Galaxy. Today, the Demons have fled to this dimension, taking refuge within it along with a few other civilisations.

Known speciesEdit

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