General information
Status endangered
Homeworld Xorgraria
Type avian
Symmetry bilateral
Diet carnivore
Lifespan 250 years
Other distinctions metallic feathers

Ghorax are bipedal, avianesque creatures with long, slender legs and two arms each with three digits. Their bodies are covered in metallic plates which serve as protection from the Galactic Core's radiation. These metallic plates give them a highly jagged shape.

Ghorax also have binocular vision for zooming in on prey, though they also have a third eye on their foreheads which serve numerous secondary purposes such as detecting dangerous levels of radiation as well as sensing subtle movements.

Ghorax do not have vocal cords, and instead have a wattle just below their lower jaw which can produce a series of metallic noises and various different frequencies.

Ghorax are monogendered and reproduce via parthenogenesis. They are oviparous and they nurse their young.

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