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Golap is a Class G star in the Andromeda Galaxy.



Daret is a green gas giant about 2/3 of Jupiter's mass. It has three moons and a ring system. It is a 'Hot Jupiter'


Utyl is a rock planet, often hidden in the shade of Daret and blocked from the sun as the two share a remarkable orbit system that means Utyl is nearly always in eclipse.


Ferig is a purple gas supergiant about seven Jupiter masses. It has seventy eight moons and a thin ring system.


Main article: Sevet

Sevet is a moon slightly smaller than Earth and is home to the Zortak. It is a forest planet with a few lakes at best if not streams which run all over the planet.


Cajik is another Gas Giant in the Golap system. It is 3/2 the size of Jupiter and has thirteen moons. It is yellow with 4 blue spots on.


Tajik is very similar to Cajik. The only difference between them is that Tajik's blue spots are in a line down one side instead of spread out.


Hufal is a large rock planet, twice the size of Earth and has three moons. It is a mostly frozen planet, with a few watery patches.


Asteroid beltEdit

Circling between Utyl and Ferig, the Asteroid belt is home to the largest asteroids made. It is in a thick line that most Asteroids are touching for the whole way round an orbit. Some asteroids have been caught by Sevet, so it has it's own moons, and even a smaller asteroid hasbeen captured by that.

Wocab CloudEdit

The Wocab Cloud contains two more asteroid belts and four more dwarf planets that have not been studied in detail. It is found at the system's edge.

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