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Massive Assault Gomodd invading a Vaikan colony.

is a humanoid bio-weapon supposedly created by the Eghos of the Sinister Hegemony as a last resort against the Drallan Federal Monarchy during the Second Sinister War. It is named for an Omni superweapon of the same name.


The DFM had gained the upper hand in the war and the Eghos were desperate. Gomodd was engineered to be the perfect being. Because of this, the Eghos Oligarchy using the technical expertise of the Malenven, invested their entire remaining labor force and risked their entire financial status to create this creature. Gomodd was designed to only carry out the will of its master.

However, the creation of this creature proved to be grave mistake. The DFM took advantage of the Eghos' exhausted labor force and were easily able to destroy the Sinister Hegemony.


Because the Sinister Hegemony was losing the battle, Gomodd was specifically created to be better than the Vaikan race in every aspect. Gomodd is rumored to be completely indestructible and impervious to any sort of damage. Its wounds instantly heal itself, and the creature has an unfathomable amount of stamina and strength. Gomodd was also designed to face entire armies by itself with absolutely no backup.

Supposedly, Gomodd has zero weaknesses. However, after only a week, the true weakness of Gomodd did not lie in the creature itself, but the crippled financial state of the Sinister Hegemony.


The rumors of Gomodd being indestructible were not entirely true, but its stamina and durability were surprising. The only way the DFM was able to truly destroy Gomodd was to cast it into a brown dwarf, which shredded the creature to bits.

Seven thousand years later, Karalian archaeologists rediscovered Gomodd's remains, and to their surprise, the remains still resonate with minimal signs of life.

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