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Grand Urzogian Empire
The GUE's crest, with its motto "For our Emperor" and its name "Grand Urzogian Empire" in Vazneh.
Location Trentas
Size 1,200 systems (territory)
Kardashev class
Founded {{{founded}}}
Status Expanding
Capital Kaganeh
Official language Vazneh
Demonym Urzogian
Population 869,4 billion
Species Urzogian
Government Empire
Current leader(s) Emperor Argeh Vorak


Main article: Urzogian


"We have been hurt, we are hurt and we will always be hurt. And in order to heal our wounds we have to eradicate our enemies."

The Grand Urzogian Empire was an old nation on Kaganeh when the Kaganeh Unification took place, they and their allies emerged victorious. By using diplomacy and making use of their increased military power they forced the allied nations to join the Empire. With each nation that joined, the Empire's military force grew bigger ensuring their total dominance over Kaganeh.

One of the remaining nations which had adequate military power intervened and declared war on the Empire, the remaining nations quickly joined the war to keep their freedom. The Empire however, was capable of mass producing weapons with its newly gained territorium and thus waged a short but bloody war against its enemies. The dedication of the Empire's enemies was too fierce to break through conquest alone, this caused the Empire to use a weapon that would ensure their dominance once and for all.

Their solution was called Agheron, or Judgement; a giant satellite in Kaganeh's orbit armed with a particle weapon used for precision strikes and anti-missile defence. 23 days after Agheron's launch the war was over with the Empire emerging victorious and Kaganeh finally becoming unified under the Empire's banner. Those that felt grief in their hearts lateron became the Gamikh Sovereignty.


"Much of this marvelous technology was granted to us by the allmother, her children and her grandchildren. It is only logical that we make great use of it to honor them."
―Nagroo Jolgen , Head Scientist of the Academy of High Science
Main article: Urzogian Technology

Urzogian technology is mainly focused on improving lifespan, new types of weaponry and starship engines; cloning has reached the stage where it can be easily done.


"Money's a fun thing, people think we have enough but demand more whilst most of it goes back to them."
―Olg Ivhen, Minister of Economy
Main article: Grand Urzogian Empire Economy


"With this vessel, and those that are to come, we will reach out to the stars and claim them as our own. It is with these vessels that we claim them, and if needed, protect them."
―Azuth Hervo , Captain of the Braeligh; First military starship sent into space
Main article: Urzogian Imperial Forces

It is estimated that a third of the empire's expenses is due to the costs of maintaining their war machine, the Urzogian Imperial Forces. They are used to safeguard the Empire's borders against the Gamikh Sovereignty and to explore unknown territory for colonization.


"The only expectation the Empire has towards its population is that they aid it in whatever way possible."
―Mageh Berren, Minister of Culture




Kirish's ChildrenEdit

Despite the tension between the Grand Urzogian Empire and Kirish's Children, they do have a fragile alliance with each other, this is mainly due to their mutual hatred towards the Gamikh Sovereignty. The Empire provides Kirish's Children with military protection in exchange for mining rights, and a yearly fee.


Gamikh SovereigntyEdit

The Gamikh Sovereignty broke free from the Empire in the early years of the Third Age, a short but bloody war caused the Empire, which was still in its infancy, to sign the Treaty of Gon. The Sovereignty settled Mavash as a base of operations before finally departing for other systems. In the year A3 - 491 however, the tension between the two rose again since the Empire had grown considerably while the Sovereignty advanced at a slow rate; the discovery of the Observers speeded the Empire's growth.

The war between the Empire and the Sovereignty escalated again and the Empire claimed Mavash for their own ridding Araghi from Sovereignty presence.


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