The Grudus were a race of half human- half reptile creatures that lived on the planet of Grudu. They were first created by a collision of a meteor and an asteroid, thus creating Grudu and birthing a small, gooey substance, which evolved over the ages ages. They were relatively primative; they had no real technology and didn't at all impact on the evolution of the galaxy. After a small war during the 14th age, between two anti- Alverconsist planets hoping to join the Guriella Chain, Grudus were wiped out by a missile strike which fried the core of the planet.


Grudus lived in colonies in caves, bushes, trees or underground. Colonies usually consisted of about 5-8 Grudus. Colonies often attacked each other, to scramble for food or to simply emphasise that their own colony was the most powerful. If a Grudu was caught trespassing it was eaten by Priests or dissected in holy rituals.

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