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Spectral type F5
Age 3.5 billion years
Size 1.4 Sol masses
Surface temperature 6800 K
Diameter 1.23 Sol diameters
Stars 1
Planets 5
Moons 63
Cluster Andwych
Region or Arm Iralek Sector
Galaxy Triangulum Galaxy
Faction Sethaleya Suzerainty
Gwainor is a star system located in the Iralek Sector of the Triangulum Galaxy.


An F5V class star, Gwainor has a surface temperature of 6800K and a mass of 1.4 solar masses. Its metallicity is slightly lower than average.


Wecht is a barren, atmosphereless terrestrial planet orbiting at 0.6AUs.

Sylf is a super-Earth which orbits 1.3AUs from Gwainor. It is marginally habitable, with a microbial biosphere and a primordial atmosphere. It has a mass equivalent to that of two Earths and no moons.

The planet Maan is the Manxa homeworld, a habitable planet of 1.2 Earth masses and with a surface gravity of 1.07g.

Cydr is a Jovian gas giant of 0.5 Jupiter masses, with streak-like white bands across an orange atmosphere.

Another gas giant, Badach orbits at 21 AUs and is slightly yellow in colour.

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