HIP 11952




12 billion years


0.8 Sol masses

Number of charted planets


Number of charted moons



Cetus Constellation, Orion Arm, Milky Way Galaxy

HIP 11952 is the oldest star in the Milky Way Galaxy with a planetary system, which is remarkably rare for a star with only 1% of Sol. Due to HIP 11952's age, it will soon turn into a red giant. The star itself became a crucial area for studying how the universe was formed upon its discovery.



Promotheues is a hot Jupiter which completes an orbit around its star in only seven days.


Iapetionides is a large gas giant which takes 290 days to orbit its star. Since the star lacks the metallicity to have created smaller terrestrial planets, Iapetionides' four moons are believed to be extrasolar captures.

Iapetionides IVEdit

Main article: Iapetionides IV

Iapetionides IV was originally a rogue Earth-size planet which was captured into Iapetionides' orbit. This explains the presence of a many metals within the planet's crust. After capture, tidal pulls from its parent gas giant would soon begin ripping at the planet's surface creating volcanic activity. Though still much too close to its star to form life on the surface, the strange creature known as the Promorin was born here with influence from the Titans.

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