The HXS Palkobak is an experimental starship under the command of Delson Krilek Sol I Dor Arcad. The vessel currently serves as Sol I Dor's primary place of residence, as well as his flagship in the Fifth Delson Defense Fleet.

According to Sol I Dor, the HXS Palkobak's appearance was derived from the successful Bagyolim class, the class of his grandfather's starship, the HIS Lawitalim. Due to this, and the vast similarities in their configurations, the Palkobak is considered a modern refit of the Bagyolim class Dreadnought by the Delson military.

Specialized SystemsEdit

The Palkobak is equipped with an experimental stealth generator, designed with a sunshade (thin layer of material that physically separated from the ship and stays at background temp has implant sensors in it so the ship can still see the enemy), combined with a visual cloak generator.

Its main weapon causes the 2 'wings' on the sides of the ship to open up, and prepares a massive antimatter weapon. Primarily used when the battle is going sour, the antimatter weapon is usually Sol I Dor's main trump card.



  • Fusion Drive (4)
  • Warp Drive

Weapons LoadoutEdit

  • Antimatter Cannon (1)
  • Particle Beam Emitters (20, pre-upgrade) (40, post-upgrade)
  • Plasma Cannons (50, pre-upgrade), (100, post-upgrade)
  • Plasma Missile Launchers (10, pre-upgrade) (20, post-upgrade)


  • Laser Point Defense
  • Steel/Carbon Compound Armor
  • Photon Condensement Fields


  • Stealth Generator (Sunshade mixed with Visual Cloak Generator)


  • The Palkobak's name was derived from the Filipino words 'Palkon', meaning 'Falcon', and 'Fabak', meaning 'Sword'.
    • The Lawitalim's name was created from the Filipino words 'Lawin' (means 'Hawk') and 'Talim' (means Blade).
    • The name Bagyolim comes from the Filipino words 'bagyo' (Storm) and talim.

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