A map of Hatshem's surface
Star Mapthys
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Satellites Dehak
Gravity 0.97g
Orbital distance 0.69AUs
Day length 20.8 hours
Year length 235 Earth days
Diameter 12,400 km
Axial tilt 15.93°
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Atmosphere composition 74.6% nitrogen, 24.5% oxygen, 0.8% argon, remainder other gases
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Hatshem is a planet that orbits the star Mapthys in the Triangulum Galaxy. It is the homeworld of the Djeri.


A garden world, Hatshem orbits 0.69AUs from a K0V-type star.


The diameter of Hatshem is 12,400 km. It has 0.9 Earth masses and so a density of 0.977 times Earth's. Its surface gravity is thus 0.97gs.


Hatshem has regular seasons. Its revolution around Mapthys takes 235 Earth days and its days are 20.8 hours long. The planet's axial tilt is 15.93 degrees, giving it mild seasons.


The planet's crust is 45.1% oxygen, 24.7% silicon, 19.4% iron, 8.7% aluminium, 1.8% calcium, and the remainder other elements.


The surface of Hatshem is 73% water. It has no ice caps. The average global temperature of the planet is 21 degrees Celsius.


Hatsgem's atmosphere is 74.6% nitrogen, 24.5% oxygen, 0.8% argon, and the remainder other gases. The pressure at surface level is 0.91 bars.


The planet has one large moon. Dehak is 2,900 km in diameter and orbits at 370,000 km from the surface. It was this moon which stabilised the planet's tilt and braked its rotation to a 20.2 hour day. The moon itself is tidally locked to Hatshem.


Many lifeforms live on this planet. The destructive impact of the Djeri reduced biodiversity severely in the decades before their annexation, however.

Around 39% of the land area is forest, and 15% desert.


The Djeri are native to Hatshem. They have built a number of cities here, and have a population of two billion on the planet. This is two-thirds of the total Djeri population in the Suzerainty.

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