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The Hazurian Swarm is an insectoid civilisation in the Aella Galaxy led by Hazurian Matriarchs.


Hazurian LarvaEdit

Hazurian WorkerEdit

Hazurian SoldierEdit

Hazurian SpikerEdit

Hazurian DragonflyEdit

Hazurian PreatorianEdit

Hazurian MatriarchEdit


Hazurians eat both planets and meat, they keep the population of wildlife on planets stable to remain from starving. When the wildlife population is too low they will simply eat more plants until the population has increased again, if both plants and wildlife has dropped too low they will call for aid to other planets in order to import food.



Hazurians's intelligence depends on the caste, Matriarchs are extremely intelligent while workers simply complete the commands given to them by others.

Opinion towards other speciesEdit

  • Aerlova: The Hazurians live in peace with the Aerlova, they have aided them in combat and do not have any intentions on betraying this advanced civilisation. Relation = Friendly / Allied.
  • Lanu: The Lanu are seen as friendly allies, while they do not have a relationship as good as with the Aerlova they will still not attack them due to their alliance with the Aerlova. Relatin = Friendly / Allied.


The Hazurians live in a caste society in which the importance of a caste determines its role in society. The Matriarchs are the ones who lead their hives.


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