Mercury Globe-MESSENGER mosaic centered at 0degN-0degE
A composite image of Hermes
Star Sol
Type Crater planet
Satellites None
Gravity 0.38 G
Orbital distance 0.4 AU
Day length 58.6 Earth days
Year length 88 Earth days
Diameter 4,879 km
Axial tilt 2.1°
Average 340 K
Minimum 100 K
Maximum 700 K
Atmosphere composition 42% oxygen, 29% sodium, 22% hydrogen, 6% helium, 0.5% potassium, trace other
Surface pressure trace
Factions Eteno Imperial Triumvirate
Population Unknown
Major imports Industrial supplies
Major exports Iron

Hermes is the first planet in the Sol system.

Physical characteristicsEdit

Hermes is the smallest terrestrial planet in the Sol system, even smaller than the largest satellites of Zeus and Kronos. However, Hermes is incredibly rich with metals, and possesses a dense iron core. Although Hermes-like worlds are desirable for colonization, Hermes itself is too close to Sol to be of any real use.

Hermes is littered with craters due to its thin atmosphere. These craters range in many sizes, the largest having a diameter of 1,550 km.

Hermes has a slight axial tilt and has a long day/night cycle as a result of being close to its star.


HErmes is the home of a small Eteno Imperial Triumvirate mining operation. A small number of core pumping facilities supply iron to in-system industries.

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