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Civilization AgeEdit

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City AgeEdit

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Space AgeEdit

Soon, the Delson made it to space. At first, they started slow, but soon, they spread like wildfire, engaging other races and destroying them, only to be stopped by the equally-vicious but economy-crazy Karagonus, the sly and stealthy Trader-race the Besala, the Religiously-Zealous Scorpio Ultimus, and, ultimately, the insidious Harbingers and the equally evil Harvesters. At first, the Delsons could handle the small fleets the Harbingers sent, but, soon, the Harbingers sent ship after ship after ship, weakening the Delson defenses. The Delsons finally held the line at Delse, where the Delson's most powerful war machines, the Scinfaxi Submarines and Enforcer Walkers, kept them at bay. Soon, the Delsons, with aid from the religious Scorpio Ultimus, pushed back the Harbinger threat.

Since then, much of the Delson race began to settle down: while many members of the race continued their predatory nature and formed splinter factions and pirate groups, many Delsons became more hospitable to other races. Those that were still relatively hostile, but more accepting of aliens joined raider groups and crime rings, mostly as hired muscle or enforcers. Meanwhile, many more still remained with the primary Delson faction, which had reformed into the Delson Hegemony.

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