Below is the history of the GHD.


Not much is known about the history of the dragon race before Kahhn's time. All that historians have gathered are myths, legends, old computerized documents that don't tell much, information recovered from ruins of cities that no longer exist, and much more uncertain evidence. The stories of some of these myths and legends of the GHD race include great kings of a time when warriors fought with swords and axes, prophets that that spoke on behalf of a God that was all but forgotten until the 8th age, and fanciful tales of ancient beasts that no-one can say for certain ever existed. One of the most well known legends is that of an ancient nation that went out to conquer the known world to achieve peace and prosperity whose king famously sounded a uniquely constructed horn after each victory, and after seven victories over ancient empires were achieved, the king blew the horn one last time to declare everlasting peace for his people, and then he went up to a cliff dropping off into the sea, and dropped the horn as a sign of a pact with God being fulfilled, for his peoples' God told sent a prophesy to them that once the seventh horn was sounded, they would have peace forever. The horn became known as the Great Horn, which Kahhn named his empire after.

First AgeEdit

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Second AgeEdit

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Third AgeEdit

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Fourth AgeEdit

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Fifth AgeEdit

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Sixth AgeEdit

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Seventh AgeEdit

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Eighth AgeEdit

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