Below is the history of the Kaoom.

History (Pre-metaphysic phase)Edit

After the first Kaoom formed tribes one of them discovered fire. Being naturally curious these Kaoom started putting random things into the fire eventually they put metal in the fire and it melted then they went and set it down for the night the next day they discovered that it had dried so they told their allies about this and they quickly took control of the other tribes on the continent. Later they thought that maybe there mere other uses for the new material. After a bit of time they started to think that there was no other use for it but then they discovered that electricity could travel through it so they tested what would happen if they mixed them with the newfound technology. After a bit they discovered that certain things would glow if touched by electricity. After this they fully exploited the power of electricity and the industrial revolution had begun. The 2nd historical event that happened to the Kaoom was first contact with other sentient species on the planet. This was the the first concept of trade for the Kaoom as they traded their many exotic agricultural products for classes in many of this other sentient species sacred arts. A few hundred years later otherworldly beings arrived on their planet and the Kaoom learned of the workings of space travel by reading the minds of these aliens but didn't know where to get the materials and they thus repaired the alien spacecraft and flew to a nearby planet in their solar system and traded things from their planet for spacecraft material and begun construction on a massive fleet.

History (Post-metaphysic phase)Edit

After being evolved beyond need for a organic body they turned on the aliens and the aliens fled not wanting to have to reason with them. Later the Kaoom explored many solar systems beyond their own. Soon they were attacked by another spacefaring species who they were forced to fight with. A year later they won (with help from other sentients).

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