House Foblon is the defacto group when the NCAC has business to conduct outside its borders. A young Great House, Foblon is also one of the most interstellarly savvy. This House trains all the best Nanosan explorers, sending them on mission for the Council.


House Foblon is a truly interstellar organization. It has no designated base-world, and the lord of the House, Cofoblonip, has his conscience contained within a spacecraft when not taking part in a Council meeting. This describes the House quite well, as they began as a crew of interplanetary explorers, drifting from system to system in small, ten-man starcraft. These adventurers slowly came together to form a spacer's guild, and quickly consolidated their holdings under the banner of the Foblon family, which had the most money, and therefore the most resources, of any of the guildmembers.

Though they tried to maintain their autonomy during the Unification War, the nascent House Foblon was forced to bow to the power of House Hvol. It was then ordered to begin scouting for new colony worlds, a job at which the pilots excelled at. Having once again gained their freedom, House Foblon, under the recently inaugurated Cofoblonip, vowed to never again be bound to a planet. Though they have a few colonies for refueling, almost all of House Foblon's people live in spacecraft.

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